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How has it been 6 months since Lila was born? I don't know. How have I avoided regular exercise (chasing kids does not count)? Well, it seems to be my pattern to be lost in baby land and wake up 6 months later. I have lost all the baby weight. Thank you, fast metabolism + breastfeeding. However, breastfeeding may help with the fat, but not the flab. So, I have decided that it is time to get active again.

Today, I found myself with some time and only 1 kid. I decided to walk to the coffee shop. Motivation= get coffee + walk dog. Success! I was able to hold my coffee, the leash and push the stroller. However, this intersection of time and motivation is rare and I can't rely on this happening regularly enough to make progress.


It is always a struggle to find the time and I have found that if I don't set aside a specific time to do something, I rarely do find the time. I'm trying to improve my overall organization as well so I am going to to create some routines which include exercise (both stroller exercise and a certain Brazilian info-mercial workout that I ordered in a moment of panic). School is starting for my older children soon so this is a great time to create a new, more functional, more efficient schedule.
As for motivation, I am going to do some "before shots" and "after shots" after 60 days. Wish me luck!

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