Bolderwood Deer Santuary

There is something so invigorating and reviving about spending the day in the fresh air and what better place than one of the most beautiful parts of the New Forest National Park - Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary.

With the promise of exploring the forest, building dens, playing hide and seek, and a delicious barbeque, Hannah and Joshua were already excited about the days plans. The possibility of seeing a deer or two simply added to their enthusiasm of the day. I’m not sure if Joshua really understood what a deer was, but seeing as Hannah was jumping up and down clapping her hands he thought he would too – so cute!

Getting all our picnic gear and the children through the woodland was no trouble at all with the Mountain Buggy terrain; I even managed a few one handed maneuvers along the way. I am always so surprised by how light the terrain is to steer that I have to keep re-testing it!

Without even a chance to unload the terrain and unclip Joshua, Hannah is already calling for help to build a wigwam. She spotted a huge den on the way in and has decided that this is how she is going to spend her day. Luckily our friend Jon is on hand to help and with a bit of help from me too, she creates her very own (and first ever) den! Bear Grylls watch out…

Joshua is also keen to help, so his task has been to collect small twigs for their campfire. He does however gets quite distracted with all the other children and their own den building efforts and consequently spent quite a lot of the day wandering in and out of their dens. :)

The wild horses strolling past without a care in the world and the deer casually resting in the meadow really were a rare treat. It’s not often you get the chance to be that close to wild animals that have no fear of people and are actually quite interested in what you are doing. Apparently, the New Forest Keeper feeds the deer every day throughout the spring and summer, so sightings are very common. 

With energy spent and tummies full we decide to head home. There was such a lovely atmosphere here today, lots of families and groups of friends all coming together to share fun and laughter on a glorious sunny day. This is definitely one place I will be coming back to very soon.

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