Continuing education

Since my baby came 5 weeks early, I found my schedule unexpectedly clear in April. My fellow Hypnobabies instructor had some schedule conflicts and could not teach the April class, so I jumped right in, with baby Lila in tow.

She was 7 weeks old when the 6-week class started and since she still just sleeps and nurses most of the time, she's been with me while teaching. The series is filled with first-time parents and they've been amazed how calm and quiet she is tucked into the wrap and nursing.

Our next adventure was a Biological Nurturing Breastfeeding Workshop with Dr. Suzanne Colson. A friend was having breastfeeding troubles and I went to the Biological Nurturing website to send her the link and found that a workshop was being held very near my home. I signed up and brought Lila with me instead of the doll that was listed on the supplies list. I was very interested in Biological Nurturing because I used the techniques after the birth of my daughter and she nursed very well, even though she was so early. It was such a fun experience, even though she had a massive butt-plosion on the morning of the last day. If you look closely at my pants in the photo from the workshop , you can see her work. I had to strip her down and wash her in the sink. I had extra clothes for her, but not for me.

As much as Lila and I both love the wrap, it is nice to have the Mountain Buggy swift and carrycot. Here is a picture of Lila at the Apple store at an iCloud Workshop. She slept comfortably the whole time. I love the carry cot because I can swaddle her and put her in it. On cue, she woke up as soon as it was over!

Today, was Muffins with Mom day at preschool. I had two events since I have two kids in the preschool. Again, Lila slept swaddled in the carrycot  while I crafted and ate muffins with my older two children. In fact, she's in there right now while I am writing this blog post and prepping for dinner!

Next up for Lila and I is a Neonatal Resuscitation workshop next week! You can bet I'll be bringing my wrap, my Mountain Buggy and a change of clothes for BOTH of us.

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