Do you still love the duet?

I’m a member of the Strollers and Prams forum, and this is a question I get a lot from potential buyers wanting to gauge my opinion of the Mountain Buggy duet now I am owned it for 6 months. My answer is; YES! I adore it. It is a sanity saver.

It’s the truth, the duet really is a sanity saver. Quinn just turned 4yrs old and I am sure if I drove, my double days would be well and truly over. But I don’t, so I do still need a way to transport the two boys safely, comfortably and quickly. The duet transports the boys and everything they need for a day out, and with room to fit in the things we collect along the way.

Without the duet I would need to leave well before appointments, walking home with groceries would be impossible with no hands left to hold the boys hands, and whole days out would not be as much fun with a cranky and tired 4yr old in tow.

Why don’t I use a board and a single? Well I do sometimes for shorter trips, (the Mountain Buggy freerider ), but because my 2.5yr old adores his brother so much, he wants to do everything he does. If Quinn isn’t in the pram, then Oran would rather not be either and protests rather loudly to let me know! I usually end up pushing an empty buggy

Click here to see a video I made the other day pushing the duet one handed over grass and gravel - still so easy!

So for at least the next 9 months, the duet will be my go-to transport vehicle, and then my beautiful Quinn is off to school - how time flies!

Mel :D xxx

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