Don't reign me in

Eva was a very easy baby - she was born quickly and easily. She latched on immediately, nursed and then went to sleep. Her birth is the reason I am training to become a Hypnobabies instructor.

The first 6 months she was so easy to please, all I had to do was hold her and nurse. A few times I forgot where she was only to look down and find her on me in the baby carrier, nursing.

The pictures following are of Eva happily in baby carriers and then in the stroller calmly


Then, she woke up and started moving. Right after her first birthday, she started walking and refused to be carried anymore. The next step was her refusal to be strapped into a carseat or a stroller. She bucks, squirms and fights until I manage to strap her in. Then, she wiggles out of the harness and starts performing more acrobatic maneuvers. Finally, I had to order a Houdini Stop to keep her in her seat.

The first time I used the Houdini Stop on the carseat, she got out of it. I decided to give it one more chance. You have to make sure it is closed properly if you are dealing with a Houdini! It works. She was not happy about it at first and sometimes she still fights getting in, but at least she can't get out.


When she's in a fighting mood, I really appreciate the harness on the terrainTM. It comes up higher so it is easier to get it connected while she is arching and squirming (unlike the carseat which is always a battle). Once it is connected she doesn't seem to mind. I don't even need the Houdini Stop (most of the time).

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