duet at the beach!

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! What a strange summer we are having here in NSW Australia. The weather has been far from “normal”. Hot this year has been 30 degrees Celsius compared to last year's 43, and the days hitting 30 have been few and far between with most days sitting in the early to mid 20’s.

I won’t pretend I am complaining. I’m not! Heat is not my friend, but it was nice to have a day where the weather was great for the beach.

We decided on Terrigal beach on the beautiful NSW Central Coast. There is a cool path right along the beach edge that would have been perfect for some freerider's in scooter mode on our duet buggy . We only have one though. Two freerider's is probably a bit excessive, even for a Mountain Buggy fanatic like me... it has crossed my mind though!


While the older boys swam, and played 'jump the waves' with Quinn, Oran sat and made sandcastles. He was a little weary of the water… maybe next time he will be ready to dip his toes in the waves.



We all had a fantastic day, Oran as he was falling asleep that night whispered, “we went to the beach today”. It’s little moments like this which you treasure forever.

Mel :D xxx

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