Exercising is free!

As I say so often, exercising is free! All you need is the motivation to get going! Unfortunately this is something we all, at one time or another suffer from - lack of motivation. So how do you stay focussed, how do you overcome that voice in your head that says, "ah I donʼt feel like it", "ah Iʼll do it tomorrow", or later in the day (which as you and I both know... it never happens!) 

Your brain is more powerful than you give it credit for. Your brain will tell you things that sometimes are not true, and the trick is to over ride what it is telling you, and push through the pain barrier. It will tell you you're too tired. Well Iʼm here to tell you you're not! The more you move, the more energy you will have - its a fact!

So Iʼm here to say to you and to encourage you to get out there! Enjoy your surroundings. Exercise does not have to cost you the earth - all you need is a pair of runners, and off you go. I remember the first time I went out for a walk with my new Mountain Buggy terrain , I was nervous as I wasnʼt sure if my baby was too hot or too cold, if I would need to stop to breastfeed him, if it was going to rain, if I had the energy to do it even?! All these things were rolling around inside my head. I was basically a little afraid as this was all new to me. I was a new mum embarking on a new challenge... going for a walk with my baby in his terrain! My brain was almost telling me this couldnʼt be done. But we both know it can, so I encourage you with all my heart, wrap up your small person, and off you go.

I highly recommend getting a sheepskin liner   for your Mountain Buggy too. It's snug and baby is cocooned!

Tell me what's holding you back. Ask me any questions you may have about getting out and about with your buggy. Believe me, Iʼve been there, and I also know how the Mountain Buggy works. I can advise you on the best terrain to take your buggy on, where the best places are to go... and best of all, walking with your buggy is free :-)

Email me on [email protected]fitmummy.ie and Iʼd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or write me a question in the below commenting section.

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