Fathers day 2011

The weather was amazing, so off we headed to the historic grounds of Morisset Hospital campus, known for it’s friendly, wild kangaroos. I was a little worried about getting the Mountain Buggy duet in the boot, but I needn’t have been concerned it went in like it was made for it.

We had lunch by the water, and then took a stroll around the grounds. It’s so gorgeous here, and definitely worth a trip if you are in the West Lake Macquarie area.


It didn’t take long at all before we found the Kangaroos! Or did they find us?

The boys were enthralled with the Kangaroos, we will be going back to see them again, It really was such a lovely family outing.

I am loving the duet! I am out and about everyday at the moment, and the Mountain Buggy is certainly keeping up. It’s helping my waistline too, which is a very nice side effect!
:D Mel xxx

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