Friendly competition

It is another lovely summer day in Hermosa Beach and as a friend and I head down to the beach, with our girls sitting pretty in their duo strollers, I decide to have a little friendly competition to see which stroller is superior... my Mountain Buggy or her stroller.

As we head out my friend Kendi starts to encounter some challenges from the get go on our all terrain jaunt. You see, the fastest way to the beach is over the grass, through a wood chip path and over ivy, across the park and through the sand until we reach the ocean.

Kendi goes over the grass without too much trouble. I, on the other hand, glide over the blades.

The next challenge is going down a narrow woodchip path with thick ivy on either side. I whiz by without any hitches, Kendi has to get her girls out of the stroller and tilt it upwards on it's rear wheels to get through.

We both ace the park because we follow the concrete path, but I am certain my girls are having a smoother ride. Finally we hit the sand! We both have to get the girls out of the stroller, but as we head to the ocean I am able to push my MB through the sand on all four wheels as it is facing forward. Kendi again has to tip the stroller on it’s rear wheels and has to pull it backwards.


Slowly, but surely, she gets it down to the ocean just in time for snacks and fun!


I am pleased to announce that my Mountain Buggy urban duo performed exceptionally well and I didn't even break a sweat!!!!!  The superior stroller is Mountain Buggy - hurray! I have known this for almost five years, but I still like showing off!

At the end of the beach day, Kendi called in the forces (her husband Daryl), and with his strength and perseverance, they got their girls home safely - through the sand, across the park, up the woodchip path, over the ivy and the grass. Kendi will testify that her stroller is great in the mall!

Green Tip *When entertaining this summer:

  • Take advantage of the summer's garden-fresh produce to whip up salads and other side dishes that require little or no cooking energy;
  • If you barbecue frequently at home, consider replacing your charcoal grill with an electric one. Electric grills generate far fewer air pollutants than burning charcoal, or even propane gas;
  • Choose meals that don't need to be reheated to be enjoyed as leftovers;
  • When hosting friends at your house, use reusable or biodegradable cups and encourage recycling of cans and bottles;
  • Encourage guests to bike, carpool, walk to your event;
  • Fill up pitchers of water and other beverages instead of buying individual portions.

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