Getting ready for Baby #3

I am 26 weeks along with baby #3, AKA 'Baby Jaguar'. You can get an idea about my first trimester in that the kids' suggestions for names are "Dora" and "Diego" (cartoon characters from kids shows). When I told them that I didn't think we'd be using those names, Ian said,"OK, how about 'Boots' or 'Baby Jaguar'?" (More characters from those shows). We did not find out the sex of #3. We've decided to be surprised this time so we can't name the baby before he/she is born, and I decided to throw the kids a bone and call the baby, "Baby Jaguar" until birth.

Since I already have a boy and a girl, I have almost everything I need for the baby, no matter what the sex. I will still pick up a few special things, but I am in good shape. After 5 years of parenthood, I know what I like and how I use things so that has made things easier. So far, this is what we've done:

  • set up the changing station and put away the cloth diapers;
  • built a wardrobe for babies clothes and a storage bench for baby blankets;
  • sorted Ian and Eva's clothes by size and gender. I put most of the gender neutral stuff with the boy clothes because I have so much girlie stuff from Eva, I won't need gender neutral stuff for a girl;
  • traded our small SUV for a minivan. The trip across state convinced us that it was necessary. Even though it is possible to fit three carseats across the back row, there is just not enough room for luggage, groceries, strollers, etc... and plus, we are going to get our dog back from my parents after Baby Jaguar is born so we need room for the dog as well;
  • scheduled our Hypnobabies class. Even though I am an instructor, it is good to take a live class, especially so that Curt is prepared. There is another Hypnobabies instructor in the area who will teach us;
  • signed up for swim class starting in January. I know how to swim recreationally, but my technique isn't very good for laps. A spot opened up for Eva at preschool starting in January, so I am hoping to swim while the kids are in school. It is great exercise for pregnancy;
  • splurged on a Mountain Buggy swift carrycot in chilli!

I already have the swift in lime, which is a great  and fun color that the kids picked out, but I decided to go for chilli on the carrycot. It is such a rich red, it makes me happy just looking at it - I've already got it installed! This will be my first time using a carrycot and I look forward to it. I love the look of a stroller combined with the maneuverability of a Mountain Buggy.

Most Americans get clunky car seat travel systems. I avoided that mistake, but did buy a stroller that I could put my car seat in with an adapter. This wasn't a Mountain Buggy, and in the end, I just used baby carriers until my son was 18 months old, because I didn't have the right stroller to handle the terrain in Egypt. (I'll be writing about how to choose baby gear in an upcoming post with the hope of saving expectant parents time and money). I will probably still use a baby carrier a lot, but it will be nice to have the option to put baby down. I could also attach the freerider for Eva...

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