Hurry up... and wait

Week 35 brought some exciting times to our house. The goal is to make it to 38 weeks, but these baby girls are anxious to meet the world. According to the awesome team of Dr's that I've seen more than my family over the past 9 months, my babies are ready to arrive any day now. Which put us in full 'fire drill' mode this week. Bags packed - check. Car seats installed - check. Work - uhhhh, still a list. Bathrooms cleaned - uhhhhh...ok, so not everything can be crossed off the list.

My Type A personality hit full steam ahead thinking that any day could be these chicas birthday. And then... the waiting. Any experienced mom I've commiserated with laughs and totally understands the 'hurry up and wait' concept. It's got to be their way of teaching us patience. During the waiting and sleepless nights - I wanted to share a few of my goals for these gals that I've been working on:

  1. Love Yourself 
    You are beautiful and will always be beautiful. Remember that and hold the utmost respect for yourself as a woman.
  2. Keep an Open Mind 
    When it comes to people, places, religion, and views. You don't always have to agree with someone, but listen to them... you will learn something.
  3. You're Going To Make Mistakes 
    It's okay. Mistakes are okay, and failing is okay. Sure it's not fun, and it's not easy, but life will go on. Learn from it, don't dwell on it, and move on... because in 5 years, will it really matter?
  4. Your Hearts Going to Get Broken 
    Don't worry... the heartache will lead you to perfect person for you. Trust me on this one.
  5. Be honest and be humble  
    Humble might mean different things at different times in your life. But be honest with yourself most importantly.
  6. Respect
    Treat everyone you meet with respect. They will all have a pretty fabulous story to tell about something. 
  7. Say Yes  
    Say yes to new adventures, road trips, everything. As you get older you'll have to say no more often, so say yes as long as you can.
  8. Learn
    Learn how to drive a standard, swing a golf club, drive a boat, tie a tie, ski, grill, throw a party, and tell a good joke. Your dad will help you with all of these.
  9. Follow your passion  
    Your passions may change with each year, but keep following them.
  10. Laugh and smile
    Both are fun and contagious, so keep doing them. 
  11. It's okay if everyone doesn't like you
    You won't like everyone, so don't worry about it. As my mom - your grandma - once said about her career, "If everyone likes you, that means you are not making tough decisions."  So make waves baby girls!
  12. You will be best friends, so accept that fact now 
    It may not happen right way, it may not happen until later, but the earlier you accept that, easier life will be for all of us. 

Most importantly, you will both be surrounded by so much love, intelligence, and experiences from all of your family and friends. Take advantage and learn from them. You are two lucky ducks, and we cannot wait to meet you. 

Love Mom
I'm signing off until these babes make their entrance!

As you may all be aware, Gretchen is a much loved member of the Mountain Buggy team based in Washington DC! We are all waiting in anticipation for news of her exciting new arrivals, and we wish Gretchen and her husband all the very best as we know what a surreal time it is when one is playing the waiting game!
Much love Gretchen, from all the Mountain Buggy team - we can't wait to hear from you again... as a new mum of twins!
If you want to leave a message for Gretchen, do so in the comments area below this blog! 


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