Introducing Baby Girls Rock!

I miss running. I miss running... alot. I also miss walking my overly excited awesome dog Doug for more than 9 1/2 minutes without becoming completely winded, swearing at myself under my breath. Who knew that both physical acts were such a luxury and not to be taken for granted?!!

Let me back up. My running shoes are beyond dusty, and my lungs are at a little less capacity for 2 glorious, wonderful reasons. Those glorious reasons are the two baby girls that are 27 weeks along in my belly. I have the honor of working for a world class organization in Mountain Buggy,, and am excited (and nervous), to document my journey of twins for you.

Through the up and downs, to the tears of joy and anxiousness, I am thrilled to have the Mountain Buggy community sneak a peek into my little world from Washington - the US Capital. And let me tell you, it's a whirlwind. I've got my eye on the Mountain Buggy duet for my twins arrival! Other than that, the nursery and our other home renovation projects are in shambles. Sigh  what I wouldn't give to lace up my 'sneaks', put a little 'Girl Talk' on my iPod, and go for a run.

So stay tuned... my name's Gretchen, and I think we are in for one wild ride!

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