Mama Seoul

Annyeong Haseyo from Seoul, Korea! We are a family of urban-dwelling expats (American) having lived in Cairo, Egypt prior to moving to Seoul.

We travel around for my husband, Curt's job. I am Karen, a SAHM, birth doula and soon-to-be Hypnobabies Instructor. Ian is 4 years old and Eva is 19 months. Though Ian doesn't really need the stroller anymore, we still use our double quite a bit for 5K Fun Runs and walks where we are either trying to exercise or get somewhere faster than a 4 year old wants to move.

I started my parenthood in Cairo and as a result, I have always been a babywearer. Egyptian driving habits are insane, turning even a neighborhood stroll into a death-defying act. My old stroller just didn't cut it. So I gave up on strollers and turned to baby carriers instead. In fact, I used my old stroller so rarely that when I took it to the airport, I couldn't figure out how to open it until after I got through security!

Last year I started a yoga teacher training course which required me to be away from home for 7 hours every Sunday. Curt wanted a double stroller so that he could take walks or jogs with the kids while I was gone. We researched and agonized and finally settled on a Mountain Buggy urban double. We tested it out in the snow and were amazed at how easily it handled. Inside, it was much easier to get it through the door than our old single stroller. It simply glides! We loved it so much, we decided to get a single version. Before we ordered it though, the Mountain Buggy terrain came out so we got that instead!

Shortly after it arrived, we had some opportunities to really break it in. Curt ran the Labor Day Mellon Festival 5K Fun Run in Milan, Ohio. He easily beat all the other stroller runners, but what impressed him most was how effortless it was to avoid a runner who stopped right in front of him. He didn't even have to break his stride! Read more about this run here. My mother was able to push the terrain and walk two big dogs (boxers) at the same time.

Though we are far from the ‘roughing-it’ types, we love to travel and have travelled quite a bit with kids. In fact, it makes our kids' milestones easier to remember because they seem to like to do the big ones when we are traveling: Ian rolled over in Doha; Eva in Siem Reap. Ian took his first steps in Sharm el Sheikh and Eva in Pennsylvania. Next up for us: China!

Over the next year, I hope to get a few more stamps in the passport, start exercising regularly and discover what my natural hair color actually is (maybe I don't really want to know the last one, but I'm going for it anyway).

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