Mountain buggy mini visits RAROTONGA 

 By Amber Henry

Packing for a holiday is the worst. Having to pack with a toddler for an international flight when they don’t get a baggage allowance is a real headache. Luckily heading to an island destination togs and jandals don’t take up much room in the suitcase!


The last thing on your mind is taking your bulky stroller. The first thing on your mind when you have a mountain buggy mini is how awesome this holiday is going to be because it is going to be so convenient having something to push said toddler around in during your stay, but also be no extra drama to bring it with you.


We packed up our Mini in the universal travel bag - a must have! (Never rely on the airport to have bags for your stroller or you might end up having to leave it behind) and headed off.

The Aerotech tyres are definite winner. Our first outing in Rarotonga we went from gravel, to tar-seal, to sand and no surface gave us any difficulty. For a buggy that is designed as a city stroller I was pleasantly surprised at how well it handled on any terrain we threw at it. I think the ride would have been a bit smoother in my full size buggy, but our little passenger didn’t seem to notice and always enjoyed her outings in the Mini.

(not even those pesky beach rocks were an issue for the MB Mini)

The Mini really came into its own at the Punanga Nui markets.  A hive of bustling activity; we were able to quickly and easily dart in, out and around people with ease as we made our way around the market. The pull out sun visor is a very thoughtful addition to the hood as it’s quick and easy to pull out and put away when required, and while large, it is mesh so the little ones can have sun protection without compromising their view.

The thing about the mountain buggy mini that absolutely tops all other strollers is how lightweight and manoeuvrable it is. Being able to fold with one hand and chuck it in the boot of the car without breaking your back, or a sweat! Makes the MB mini worth taking anywhere!

The only critique I have about the Mini is that there is not a single pocket to hold keys, cell phones, drinks, etc. But I am able to attach my ‘buggy pouch’ from my full size stroller which gives me a full range of pockets and drink holders. A couple of pockets in the side of the hood even would be a nice added touch.

In saying that, it’s not something that would deter me from owning the MB Mini, and the benefits considerably stack up in favour over any other stroller I have tried. I thoroughly recommend this stroller to anyone (especially those with toddlers) who is looking for a lightweight, functional, no hassle stroller but doesn’t want to compromise quality and style. For anyone planning on international travel but is dreading walking everywhere with a baby or toddler, the MB Mini is a must! You won’t regret it.

Amber x

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