Meet the President!

‘Life without Limit’ is all about being ready for unexpected adventures! Last week we had the opportunity to see US President Barack Obama in person as part of a Veterans Day celebration here in Seoul, Korea.

My son Ian is a long time supporter of President Obama. Ian started talking to Obama on his toy cell phone during the election. He would put his cell phone to his ear and say,"Hello, Barack Obama. Are you workin?" Then, he'd put the phone down and look at me and say,"He's workin'." I was an Obama supporter, so when he started doing that I ordered him a cool Barack Obama shirt. When Ian sees Obama on the television he says,"Hey, that's my President."

President Obama was in Seoul for the G-20 Summit and took some time to celebrate Veteran's Day on Yongsan Garrison with American soldiers, veterans and their families. Security was insane. I think every police officer in Seoul was working during the Summit. On Post, security was run by the US Secret Service and the US Army. Roads were blocked off, many driving gates onto Post were closed, and driving was restricted. Instead of trying to battle the insanity, we put the kids into the Mountain Buggy Urban Double and walked to the event. It was cold and windy, but there was a warming tent.



The kids had fun running around and Eva insisted on taking her coat off. I said,"Coat on." She said,"No. My dress!" I thought she was too young for that kind of stuff, but recently she has become very opinionated about her clothing. She didn't want her coat covering her dress. They ran around until it was time for the ceremony - the Honor Guard posted the colors and the President laid the wreath.





Ian and Curt got to shake hands with the President. We told him that Ian was wearing his ‘Obama for President’ shirt that Ian wore during the election. President Obama straightened it out to see it. Then he complimented Eva's dress. You can't see Eva and I in that picture, but we do have a picture of him talking to her. It was very cool.


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