MOLO Beginning and Plank Week!

By: Maria Gorosito, Baby Boot Camp & Karna Fitness, Katy, Texas

What is it like to be a MOLO mom?

Baby Boot Camp’s 2013 Mother Love Fitness Challenge is in full swing and I am pumped! In the next 3 months, my mission is to prove to myself that motherhood can help to make me strong, fit, agile and the healthiest I have ever been. I owe it to myself and to my family. The best part of being a MOLO mom is that I can reach these goals alongside a motivated and inspiring group of women! Here’s what I have learned in just one short week about MOLO moms:

Physical and Mental Toughness-Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further “10 more burpees” she yells out!  And in the midst of a few grumbles, my fellow MOLO moms and I get 10 more burpees in!

Did we think we could do it, No.

Tough, yes.

Did we get them done, ABSOLUTELY!

Did it feel great, YOU BET!

The MOLO Challenge is testing me physically and mentally. This week our instructor had us do a functional fitness test that included 2 minutes of high knees, a 4 minute burpee, triceps dip, toe taps and one leg squat drill, as well as a 1 minute pushup and plank test.  It truly was one of the most difficult 8-10 minutes that I have encountered recently!  My fellow MOLO moms and I dug deep, took a big breath and did it! This really gives me something to look forward to 4 weeks from now. It makes me want to work even harder in order to see improvement at the next assessment.

Planks-Have you ever done a plank? Thanks to the MOLO Challenge, I have done them this week in every direction and plane imaginable! I can just feel my core muscles getting stronger and with bathing suit season just around the core, planks are bringing a happy smile to my face!

We decided to take our planking a little bit further this week with a plank tower! Yes, you read correctly, a plank tower! Three strong moms took to planking one over the other and I was one of them! While at first it seemed scary, it became clear that all of our hard work at Baby Boot Camp was paying off. With the help and encouragement of our instructor and other moms, we were carefully able to pull off these amazing plank towers!


Camaraderie-After having three babies, I’ve realized that sticking to a fitness routine and eating healthy is not an easy feat. You can quickly derail your goals by snacking on things such as Goldfish or finishing your 2 year olds Mac and Cheese.  The MOLO Challenge is a group effort and the camaraderie that we have built motivates me to stay focused.  Knowing that my fellow moms are counting on me, cheering me on and are also facing similar challenges, pushes me to adhere to my fitness and nutrition goals.  Hearing them say, “You can do it!” or “Amazing job!” is incredibly rewarding!  On the days that I may not feel like going to class, I think of the mom that attends regularly with three kiddos in tow and it reminds me that if she can do it, I can too!  I can also take a quick look at my food journal and decide whether that cookie is really worth it or not.

As the MOLO Challenge progresses, I am excited to see what more I can do with my nutrition and exercise habits.  In just one short week, I have already surprised myself at all that my body can accomplish!  Bring it on MOLO Challenge, bring it on!

Maria Gorosito is the owner of Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness in Katy, TX. She is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. When not training for marathons or 5K’s in the dark, she’s busy raising three energetic little boys! Her favorite exercise move for all of her Baby Boot Camp stroller fitness clients is by far the fantastic and super-efficient burpee!

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