nano - the perfect holiday buggy!

Arriving at the airport at 6:30 in the morning is tough... doing it with two kids in tow is madness! Boy, were we glad that we had a buggy to keep two year old Lexie in check!

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We had only recently acquired the buggy of our holiday and the first thing that we noticed was how easy it was to manoeuvre up and down the check-in aisles. The storage compartment is also very large and accessible for a buggy of this size. 

Arriving at the check-in counter we were told we would need to check the buggy... bummer. I explained to the airline staff how it folded to the required size to fit in an overhead locker but they wanted to see. 

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The fold is dead easy and one or two other families with young children watched with interest as I collapsed the buggy and sat it in the overhead baggage size checker. The airline staff seemed surprised at how small it folded - no problems, we were cleared for take-off!

At this stage we had a small group of followers - 4 or 5 other families with young children and a few more airline staff wanting to know what type of buggy it was - I told them it is a Mountain Buggy nano!

The flight to Cairns was about as much fun as you can imagine - crying, wriggling, questions, wriggling, crying (me!). We were so relieved to be able to pop Lexie in the nano at the other end and shoot through to pick up our bags and flop into our waiting air conditioned shuttle. 


Our first morning in Port Douglas (tropical North Queensland) was a Sunday market which was a lot of fun. Within our first hour of wandering the stalls we came across not one but two other nano's, which was quite surprising given that the buggy had only recently been launched. The other nano-ites that we talked to loved their buggies also - especially when I showed them how the front wheels swivel. 

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One surprising feature of the buggy is the amount of recline you get for sleep mode. It is certainly not lie flat, but as good as or better than most compact buggies that I have seen! Lexie had no trouble falling asleep in it. The rest of the holiday was a blast - we took the buggy almost everywhere (walks, zoo's, beach, shopping) and it was brilliant in all circumstances! Lexie loved riding in the buggy and we loved pushing it!

The most interesting thing for me was the number of people that stopped us on the street and at the airport to ask us what type of buggy it was and where you can buy one, I had no hesitation in recommending it! 

nano is a great all around buggy and brilliant for travel!


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