Nesting & Naming - Week 32

Nesting & Naming - two of the more fun, or potentially stressful, aspects during the 9 month gestation period. My favorite friend 'google' informs me that nesting means 'to build or having a nest.' A little deeper into the search (OK, the next search result), yielded that nesting is a term that is commonly characterized as a strong urge to clean and organize one's nest. My friends - we are in full effect when it comes to nesting... and naming. 

The goal back in January was to redo our basement. This was thanks to Hurricane Irene, and a failed 'sump pump.' I know more about sump pumps now than I ever cared to know, but that's another story. Well, when we found out we were expecting not one, but two babies, the basement quickly dropped on the list of house projects. Since January we have completely redone 2 bathrooms, the nursery, painted, added new carpet, finally got to the basement, and currently are painting and re-tiling the kitchen. IN-SANE! My hubby and I have expertly crafted our negotiation tactics when it comes to contractor pricing. I causally walk by during the pricing negotiations dropping hints like, "Nope, too expensive, can't afford it, two babies on the way." These strung together sentences seem to do the trick. I have no shame, and it's saved us a lot of money in the past 6 months.  

Also, thank goodness for my handy family, as they have helped execute some of the bigger and more detailed projects. My dad last week, completed my dream 'wall of books' with 3" and 2" strips of plywood and some white paint. It turned out fantastic, and is a peaceful haven amongst the final construction going on in the house.  

Now when it comes to naming, this has also seemed to be a 6+ month project. We are currently down to four names that will lay out the future for our two baby girls. Right? Isn't that how it works? Something more sophisticated will catapult them directly to an Ivy League school (on scholarship we hope). In the mix of four, we're hoping the final two will just come to fruition sooner than later. We also decided to keep them close to our hearts until the girls arrive. I know there are mixed opinions about this, but that's exactly why. Everyone seems to have an opinion, or knows someone with that name that they just don't care for. And they love to tell you about them, hence, ruining your beautiful name and your babies Ivy League future. We figure after the babies are born, they will have to learn to love the names... at least we are hoping that's the case.  

Last weekend, my three year old niece might have checked 'names' off our pre-baby list. She informed me confidently that they should be named "Tutti and Frutti." I think Tutti and Frutti would have one awesome, fun-filled life. We just might have found a winner. Now back to negotiating on some tile pricing for the kitchen...

Gretchen is a much loved member of the Mountain Buggy team based in Washington DC. Follow her story, and also let us know how you found the Nesting and Naming phase in the comments area below!

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