New Years Resolutions

Have you made a plan for the year ahead? Decide that this is your year, your year to get out there! Do something you've never done before, have a look online, see what all us mad mummies are getting up to in the field of fitness.

Or get exercising with your little one, in the park, back garden, beach... anywhere! Check out these simple exercises below you can do with them.


So, whats my next challenge? This FitMummy is doing a 10km race this Sunday, Ireland's toughest 10km challenge apparently, up in Wicklow. The first 50 metres we run through a purpose built trench filled with water up to our chest. It's baltic here at the moment, with hale and gale force winds, so the day will be a challenge just dealing with the elements. But the excitement is brewing and nerves get the body going, I can't wait!

Call me mad? Maybe, but it's what I do, it's how I get motivated to push myself out of my comfort zone... what would push you out of your comfort zone?

You can follow my blogs on my new FitMummy website . Please tell me what you would like to know about fitness with your baby and buggy, my Mountain Buggy gets me through the mud, rain, sand and wet - I love it! Do you have a Mountain Buggy but don't know what you can do with it? Ask me, send me an email, I'm here to answer all your questions - [email protected]

Hope to hear from you!

Happy planning for your next challenge, with or without the buggy. There are so many races that can be done with the buggy too, so no excuses :-))



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