Ocean to Ocean: Traveling the World Swiftly

How is this for a side-by-side: Lila on the inside (of me) from last's October's trip to Hawaii and Lila on the outside in the baby carrier for this month's trip to the Jersey Shore.



                                                       Lila got her toes in the ocean for the first time in the Atlantic Ocean at the Jersey Shore. It was cold and she cried, but we had to give her a little ceremonial dip.A lot of people in the Philadelphia area have summer homes or rental properties at the Jersey Shore and go there regularly during the summer. We stayed at a place owned by one of Curt's coworkers. It was very close to the beach and since we went during the week, it wasn't crowded. The wind was blowing from the land toward the water which we discovered means lots of biting flies. Thankfully, Lila was protected during her nap in the swift with the bug and sun cover.The next day there was an air show a few beaches away and we were able to see the big jets from our beach.

                                                                                     Everyone was amazed that Lila slept during the jets.

 The swift in Hawaii and the swift at the Jersey Shore.

It is hard to believe all the miles this stroller has travelled. I should start putting travel stickers on it for where we have been.

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