Our Mountain Buggy Adventures

By guest blogger Karen Jones

We've been going for a walks to the playground and beach most mornings since we got our new pram. This used to be an occasional treat for the Apple Blossom Daycare children as it used to be a lot of work getting them all there but now thanks to the  Duet and  Freerider its an easy and pleasant walk.

We generally have 1 year old Maddalyn in the pram the whole time and Mitch (just turned 4) hops in and out as he pleases. Fantastically I don't find the pram pulling to one side with only one child on board, it steers straight forward the whole time.


When searching for a pram I was completely amazed to find that although tough an robust, the Mountain Buggy Duet is just 63cm wide, the exact width of our old single child pram! I was worried that it would be too small to allow me the option of putting a bigger child in it if they got tired but needn't have been! The boys pictured above are 4 and 5 years old and they were both nice and comfortable on our way home from a big walk

5 year old Cameron is in his element with the freerider scooter! I actually get to do a little jogging to catch up with him which is a stark contrast to walks in the past when I was generally waiting for him to catch up as he dawdles along walking.

I really cant get over the pure genius that is the freerider. A fun scooter and a buggy board all in one! I've sometimes considered bringing bikes or scooters along on our walks for the older children to ride but have resisted out of fear of being stuck trying to carry them home. Mountain buggy have solved the problem by making the freerider tuck out of the way neatly when we are done with it (the handle clips off).

Once we arrive the children have a blast playing at the playground and paddling in the water.

The basket fits all our bits and pieces and if I actually organised it rather than just piling it all in it would fit even more. I'm pleased to say it has plenty of room for all the things necessary and not so necessary:) for small children plus my hand bag


Once the little ones are tired and grubby its time to head home.

(Cameron is actually pushing the pram along in this pic with the other two on board, that's how easy it is to push)

Usually this is when the whining begins as they are worn out and don't want to walk but instead the two littlest have a seat each and Cameron happily scoots most of the way home and then I attach him to the back of the pram with an easy click so that he could rest his legs for the last little bit.

Thank you Mountain Buggy for our wonderful mornings out and for the many many more in the future to come.

We couldn't have had so much fun without you!

Karen Jones

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