Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

It was a family affair as we went the extra mile to walk in the Skecher’s Pier to Pier Friendship Walk. The proceeds of this walk benefit children with special needs and education. Contributions were also donated to six schools within our community. It was a fabulous day! It was sunny and warm, and there were so many families in my community walking just under 5 miles for the cause.

My 5 year old Skye, belongs to a Girl Guide group and she walked proudly with her troop, as the rest of us walked by her side.


My husband who is not a big walker, (I know, hard to believe with me for a wife!), actually enjoyed himself. How could he not? He walked along the beach on a glorious day with his family, and raised money for a good cause. He may not be a big walker, but he is a big surfer. As there were no waves to surf, he discovered a new found appreciation for the beach. My 6 year old Teah loves to walk like her mummy, and she walked with a good friend of hers, so they talked and walked the entire way.


Of course, it was the most perfect day for me. There is nothing I like more than walking along the beach and being with my family, so it was bliss. My extra large hat provided the right amount of protection from the rays, so it was difficult to see my endless smile!

There were thousands of families out, and the organizers had not anticipated the huge turn out. At the end of the walk, medals were given to  all the participants, but by the time we crossed the finish line they had run out of medals. The girls weren’t phased by it though, as they were just happy they participated in the walk, and they could go home and rest their weary feet.

Green Tip: *How many miles should you walk a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

The guideline is 10,000 steps per day! 2,000 steps is one mile, so 10,000 steps is 5 miles a day. If you monitor your walking by using a pedometer, and you increase your steps by 500 a day, before you know it you will be happily walking 10,000 steps. So come on Mountain Buggy mummys - get your strollers... ready, set, go! There are many ways to increase your daily steps, start at your own pace, and progress slowly but, surely!

  • Park farther from the store, or better yet walk to the store;
  • Start participating in family walks after dinner;
  • Walk your children to school;
  • Extend the length of time you walk the dog;
  • If it will take you less than 5 minutes to drive somewhere, walk instead;
  • Take the”long way” when walking to your destination;
  • Jump on the treadmill and burn 100 calories per mile.

If you are motivated and would like to know more ways to increase your daily steps, please leave a comment for me. Walking is by far the simplest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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