Shopping with the duet

It might look rugged, perfect for the outdoors (because it is) but don’t let that rugged beauty fool you, the Mountain Buggy duet is just at home in the shops as it is on the trails.

Since getting the duet, it has become my shopping buddy ;D Able to navigate almost anywhere a single can go!

Will it fit?

Of course it will!

The duet shopping basket is a fantastic size. I have the sun and storm covers permanently hanging from the footwell into the basket, and I still have more then adequate space for shopping. I have found with my heavier boys on board that the access is restricted for bigger items, so I thought I would share the way I found to get around that.

I loosen up the webbing strap on one side of my basket

When I need to put something larger in, I can unsnap the press-stud on that side. This lets the side of the basket be pulled down to make a larger opening.

Once your goodies are inside, then snap the press stud closed and you're away!

Mel :D xx

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