Test Driving Parenthood

Lila took her first plane ride last week from one side of Pennsylvania to the other. Much shorter than her siblings first plane trips which were to Egypt and Korea and no passport required. She, like her sister was awake the whole ride (both ways), but was pretty happy for the flight. No troubles with her ears and we had empty seats next to us as well. The reason for the flight, was to help my friend, Heather, get ready for birth.


Heather did Hypnobabies (the childbirth education program I teach), but had to do the Home Study because the Erie Hypnobabies Teacher is on break from teaching this year. I came into town to do the Home Study Advantage which includes a Birth Rehearsal so the parents can practice using their techniques and cues in a simulated birthing time. Since Lila is only 7 months old and nursing, she came, too.

Heather is very organized and has all the baby gear set up. Lila tested out the bouncer, the swing, the nursing chair and the Mountain Buggy Urban! Heather got to see my Swift in action this summer and was very impressed. She had a registered for a full-size umbrella-type stroller, but after she saw the Mountain Buggy in action she changed her mind. There was only a small difference in weight between the stroller she picked and the Urban, but the maneuverability of the Urban is so far superior, especially for the beach and snow. Her husband and I put it together and Lila, tested it out.

Finally, Lila tested out the parents-to-be!

And our work there was done...

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