The joey: as bottomless as Santa's present sack

You always get told before having kids that they need lots of stuff to leave the house. What they don't tell you is that they really have lots and LOTS of stuff, in addition to buying more groceries and the inevitable errand running that comes along with being a parent. I've become a regular packhorse these days, and I'm just on my first child!

When I made the decision to go shopping on Christmas Eve, I knew I was going to need some serious carrying capacity. In the fractiousness of holiday parking, dropping off bags at the car wouldn't be an option, least I tease some poor driver who had been circling the block that I was leaving soon.

Luckily I had been offered the opportunity to test out the Mountain Buggy duet / joey combination , so out of the car we went with a soon-to-be filled joey and Little Miss One. First stop, a coffee refuel before the chaos of the shops.

I have to admit it felt really good (and slightly guilt inducing), to have my hands free to sip my coffee as I saw others laden with bags. To know that my Christmas cargo was safely stowed and not hanging off the handles or precariously perched on bub's lap made me much calmer as I braved the claustrophobia-inducing crowds and narrow shop aisles.

My friend who had come along the shopping trip was also very happy to borrow the services of joey for the day too. Sharing the load, well and truly. The duet navigated the bustling streets with an ease that belied its capacity and packed back down to fit in the car with ease. The internal tote made the unloading seamless and quick, so we freed up a valuable parking space all the more quicker!

It was a long day, where we saw the best and worst of people but never once did the duet and joey let us down. A pitch perfect combination.

Lana x

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