The MB Mini's day trip around Sydney

We recently took the Mountain Buggy Mini for a day trip around Sydney CBD.

The night before, we had been warned that there was a catastrophic fire danger level in place where we live, and I didn’t want to hang around and ‘wait it out’ with a toddler. So that previous night, I packed our bags for an all day and possible over night trip. I went through all of the lists in my mind, petrol in car, food and drinks packed, nappies, clothes, entertainment and pram. When I got to pram, I thought of what I needed to check before I left. There was nothing that needed checking. I normally would have to ensure that the tyres are pumped, but with the Mini’s maintenance free aerotech tyres, there was one less thing to worry about.

That next morning, we drove into Sydney, leaving early in the morning to avoid the business peak hour traffic as best we could. I parked the car at Darling Harbour, and wandered around Sydney with my toddler in the Mini. It was so easy to get up and down the kerbs, and didn’t take up much room on the footpaths, as I was walking along with the crowds of business people hurriedly rushing to their destination.

We strolled around the many shops in the CBD, not having to think twice about whether I would fit through any isles or around shop fixtures. 

The Mini made our day trip comfortable and worry free.


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