There's a baby in my buggy!

My "due date" or "guess date" as we say in Hypnobabies (the childbirth education program that I teach and that I used to prepare for Baby Jaguar's birth), was March 27, but my baby had other plans. She came at 35 weeks on Mardi Gras, in fact! I say that she didn't want to miss the parties: Mardi Gras, her sister's birthday and St. Patrick's Day.

The birth was quite exciting since my husband was traveling and I didn't have anything ready, except a very detailed to-do list so that I'd be ready by my 36 week visit. In the afternoon, I started feeling like something might be starting. I asked my doula to come over "just in case" since my husband was out of town and my previous birth had been fast. I called my midwife who told me to hydrate, rest and call back in an hour to update her. When my doula arrived, I was already in the bathtub. I was having pressure waves that were lasting over a minute long and not more than 5 minutes apart. It wasn't a regular pattern so we thought it might stop. After listening to some tracks, including, Hypnobabies Baby Stay In track, things were only getting stronger so I called the midwife to come take me to the hospital.

I had been planning a homebirth, but 35 weeks is too early for homebirth so my midwife became my doula and my doula became my babysitter. We had a 45 minute ride to the hospital because we went in to see the midwife's backup doctor. When I got to the hospital, I  was fully dilated. There was no stopping Baby Jaguar. My husband arrived just as pushing started. A NICU team was in place just in case the baby had breathing trouble due to being pre-term. Despite some cord compression, she had a very gentle birth and did not require resuscitation. We looked and saw that Baby Jaguar was a girl and named her Lila. She was a good size for being early, just over 6lbs and 20" long. She nursed well from the start and if someone was giving medals for eating, diapers and sleeping, she would surely win the gold in all three.

My birth went exactly according to plan, it just was not Plan A!

Welcome Lila, and congratulations to Karen and her family on their beautiful new arrival! A gorgeous little bundle looking pretty snug in the Mountain Buggy swift chilli carrycot - Much love from the Mountain Buggy team x

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