train trip

We are off into the city today for Quinn’s speech therapy appointment. It is a 40 minute train trip, but essential for him as he has Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).

Apraxia of Speech is a developmental speech condition characterized by an inability to correctly position and sequence muscle movements necessary for speech production. It is not due to weakness, incoordination, sensory loss or inability to understand the instruction. The child with Apraxia usually knows what they want to say! The breakdown occurs in the message from the brain to the speech mechanism (larynx, lips, tongue, palate and jaw), specifying the movements that need to occur for speech. As a result, the speech mechanism is unable to produce the precise movements required for intelligible speech.

Often, a child will attempt to say a particular word and something completely different or nothing at all will come out. The inconsistent nature of their speech can cause a child to feel very frustrated - a word might “pop out” correctly one minute and then be impossible to say the next. Unlike ‘late talkers’ who have a simple delay in speech, children with Apraxia will not just ‘grow out of it’. However, with early intervention and appropriate therapy they can learn to talk and be understood. To learn more about Apraxia, click here .

During the day, we went on three different types of trains: two of these trains had open carriages and the Mountain Buggy duet was able to wheel straight in, and the the third had a foyer and internal doors, so the duet had to be folded. With the Mountain Buggy duo, I would have left it in the foyer (nervously), but the duet was small enough to be put beside the seat without obstructing other passengers access.


We have been on the train with the duet a number of times now, I will have to take it on a bus and report back :D
Mel xxx

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