Walking in the rain

The school year is wrapping up and we had our pre-school field trip to the zoo this week. It was rainy (of course), but not enough to cancel. I tried to scrounge up umbrellas for all of us, but could only find two. I told Ian and Eva they would have to share and hoped it wouldn't pour.

Umbrellas and sunglasses, I am always losing them and when I manage to keep them, my children break them. I went looking for the Mountain Buggy swift carrycot rain cover and found the rain covers for every other stroller in my fleet, but the carrycot! Thankfully, my husband knew where it was and we were on our way. We even made it there on time!

The kids had a great time running and climbing all over the zoo. I really appreciated the maneuverability of the swift as I tried to keep up with them. The rain stayed at a light sprinkle until the very end and a good time was had by all, even sleeping Lila. She is awake sometimes, I promise!


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