Welcome to the neighbourhood!

We left Korea at the end of July, and had several departure dates to complete our move that came and went for various reasons.

After lots of searching and several rejected offers, we finally closed on a house and set the date for our move. I set up appointments with my new midwife, the sonographer and some preschools, so we would hit the ground running. Unfortunately, Curt had to travel for work so our move was delayed another week. After throwing a fit (not happy about changes of plan in stressful times) and rescheduling appointments, I pulled myself together and spent the week organizing and sorting all the stuff we were going to move with.

I have to admit, the delay really worked in our favor. Curt came a few days before to load up a rental truck with all of the stuff we had at my parents' house. Our early shipment was sent to my parents' house and I have left a lot of stuff there over the years and in all the moves. The kids and I followed behind the next day. I didn't want to caravan with my husband and the rental truck. When you are pregnant and have kids, you need to stop to eat and pee. So I let my husband go ahead and get the truck unloaded. Between the potty stops and food stops, the drive took about 8 hours. Lots of snacks, toys and dvd players helped the kids make it through. Plus, for my kids, 8 hours of travel time is short as they usually discuss travel in terms of how many planes we have to take to get somewhere.

The best way to explore a neighborhood is by walking. Driving separates you from your surroundings and you just notice different things. So, since the weather was warm and sunny, I put Eva in the Mountain Buggy terrain and we headed to Starbucks (to check the internet since ours wasn't hooked up, yet) that I'd seen close to the house as we were driving into town. (Now, those of you who read my previous post from our trip to Hawaii will see something familiar here). Ian was walking alongside the stroller and we were enjoying the fresh air, noticing the different stores. It was lovely, but where was Starbucks?

"It has got to be close Ian," I said to him as he started to groan, "I swear, I saw it last night. It is just up the road, Ian." Poor Ian, who walked the length of Waikiki the month before because I had forgotten which hotel we'd stayed at the last time we went to the Honolulu Aquarium, did not believe me, "We must push on, Ian. We've got to make it."

He wasn't happy, but he kept moving. After a croissant and an overpriced chocolate milk, I checked the internet and then Ian realized that we had to walk back. Eva, on the other hand, happily took a nap in the stroller. Turns out, it is more than a mile from the house, which, to be fair to me, is very close after you've been driving for 8 hours, but isn't exactly close for a little kid to walk.

For the past month, we've been working to get the house set up. It is not easy to move from a large, open-concept apartment with large closets to an old, multi-story house with very few closets. Things just don't fit well. Thankfully, we do have a basement and a 2-car garage, but it took several weeks to get the common areas mostly cleared of boxes. To combat the lack of closets, we've made many trips to IKEA. IKEA has wardrobes that are very customizable, which is nice, but making sure you've gotten all the parts you need at check out is not easy. My husband (helped by the kids), put together wardrobes for himself, Eva and the new baby.

They have also painted the kids' rooms. There is a lot more painting to do, but since I am not helping due to the pregnancy, it is going to have to wait.

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