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An ode to the cosmopolitan by a second time mum

When baby #2 was on her way I decided that it was a good excuse to get another buggy. This time round I wanted something that was a little more special. Having pushed a buggy before I knew what I wanted in terms of functionality. It had to pop over kerbs easily, manoeuvre with one hand, be simple and quick to fold and be tough enough to handle a trip to the park but also suitable for a trip to the mall. Baby #1 (well not a baby anymore) was past the buggy stage so the ability to take more than one wasn't on the list. Although being able to attach a scooter for him to ride along when his legs got tired was. 

4 flights and 3 countries in 6 days

Earlier this year we flew to Scandinavia, four flights and three different countries in just six days. You might think that we are crazy, but the original plan was for four flights and three countries in just four days. Here, I have to add that this trip was a prize that I won in a photography competition of SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and as we thought that flying every day to a different place would be very tiring for our little one, we added two extra nights. 

flock & feather nano adventures in Mexico - and giveaway!

Overall, the design and functionality could not be more perfect for our needs in the city or for traveling. I’m a strong believer that having good gear, whether it’s for mom and dad or for the kids, can inspire families to travel together more. It is such a gift to the entire family when the little ones can come along comfortably rather than be left at home because traveling with them is too hard.

Fit Happy Mummy

My name is Krista and I am the mother to 18 month old Maverick. When pregnant, I researched a number of prams and what to get. There are LOTS out there in the market today, funky looking, colourful and the like, but what drew me back to Mountain Buggy was ‘why’ I needed a pram, ‘what’ I needed it for and ‘how practical’ it would be for me.

urban jungle - the luxury collection

As a first time mum there is a lot to think about.  Getting through the elation of being pregnant, the constant worry about your baby's development and the anticipation of birth, it is quite overwhelming. Not to mention the lists of things that you "need" in preparation for the new addition to your life...

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