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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan– all terrain luxury baby ride

"Adaptable, flexible, durable."

The Cosmopolitan Luxury Collection went straight to my heart. As a fashionista mom, I know the struggle of a beautifully designed but functional buggy. The gorgeous Geo edition of Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan features an eye-catching charcoal geometric print and brings the ultimate style without compromising the brand’s signature DNA of maneuverability, simplicity, adaptability and durability.

The high style and high function blend are winning in my book, and the New Zealand-based company has created a robust buggy with a chic city look. The stroller is suitable from birth to toddler age, including a seat that converts to lie-flat mode. Although in the box you get a carrycot, it is still a great feature for when your baby wants to rest.

The assembly is really easy, a matter of minutes clipping on the wheels and attaching the sun canopy and grab bar. The tires and suspension make for a smooth ride even on grass, gravel and cobbled road. Read the full review here .

Written by: Elena Sandor ( London, UK)

mountain buggy cosmopolitan luxury collection review by mother&baby

Score 5/5

The bassinet is so plush and touchable that I wanted to climb in there and take a nap myself. I love the addition of a handy pocket on the bassinet - it’s the perfect size for your phone, purse and keys. No fancy pants extras that you have to find yet more cash to stretch to here - you’ve get everything you need in a pushchair from birth right through to toddlerhood.

Written by: Mother&Baby, Heidi Scrimgeour ( United Kingdom )
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Breaking news! Meet the newest addition to the Mountain Buggy family

"There’s a brand new luxury pram on the block, and we’re so excited to be the first to tell you all about it! Come and see the new Mountain Buggy that’s making heads spin."

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Written by: Jezabel for babyology (Australia)

made4baby logo

The new Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan luxury in GEO print: brains & beauty 

Being the pram nerd I am, I was excited to hear that Mountain Buggy were giving one of my favourite prams of all time, the Cosmopolitan, a makeover. The result is the new Cosmopolitan Luxury in Geo print.  It’s fancy & functional...

Packed with all the standard Cosmopolitan features we love, including large, air filled tyres, a large, comfortable seat unit that converts into a bassinet, a large sunned and underset basket and an adjustable handle, the Cosmo has always been one of the most comfortable prams I’ve pushed. Always offering versatility with a seat unit that converts to a bassinet, the new Luxury Collection in Geo prints comes complete with two fabric sets; a soft bamboo bassinet set and a tailored seat set complete with contrasting footmuff. To complete the Geo look, the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Luxury Geo comes with a parenting (nappy) bag that comes with clips so you can clip it straight onto the stroller.

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Written by: made4baby

Essential Baby

Hot off the press: Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Luxury in GEO print

Now the cosmo has been dressed to the nines and manages to pull off the impossible - designer looks with off-road, 4-wheel drive functionality. It's a nod to a major international design house with all the urban sophistication parents love in a baby buggy as well as the ruggedness required for any kind of outing. 

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Written by: Essential Baby