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"Absolutely loving the cooler walks that autumn is bringing."

"I can't recommend [Mountain Buggy] enough. I know we rave about ours ALOT but it's been so perfect for our family. Both baby and toddler are so comfy and cosy."

Written by: Bethany Hope Young ( Scotland )
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Little Baby Gear


Great for city use and off-road cruises


As I become a mother of twins, I couldn’t resist to try Mountain Buggy Duet. This is a great side-by-side double stroller for everyday use. It’s perfect vehicle for families living in a city, but it also handles off-road trips!

Mountain Buggy Duet is an investment for years. We can use it from day one till toddlerhood. It can be use with two infant car seats, two bassinets, two regular seats or one of each.

If your want a double stroller that is compact and easy to use like a single one – Mountain Buggy Duet is perfect for you!

Written by: Zooey Barnett, Little Baby Gear ( New York )
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pushchair expert

Pushchair expert score 4.5/5


It ticks all the boxes of an all-round pushchair for two with its soft seat fabrics, easily adjustable harnesses and separate sun hoods. It is light to push but robust enough to withstand the trials and tribulations of daily life with children. 

The nifty fold of the duet is easy and quick to operate and Mountain Buggy have done their best to reduce the size of the fold as much as they can from previous models.

We love the fact that the duet can adapt and change into a single pushchair and can offer so many versatile seating options from car seat to carrycots to parent facing seating options too, is a really attractive feature.

Written by: pushchair expert ( United Kingdom )
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Duet on a field with 2 kids and a mother

Pilot review

While i’ll never forget my first stroller, this new buggy has got me like a dog with two tails.

It’s so light! Like really light. Really, really, really light. This was the first thing I noticed. From lifting it in and out of the car boot to pushing it along sans kids - a regular feature on outings with my toddlers(!) - you can feel the difference.

Written by: Jessica Sheed ( New Zealand )
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Trusted four-wheel companion

The Duet is definitely a looker, with a choice of colours for the seat and sun covers. The handlebar easily accommodates different heights, and the basket is tucked neatly away underneath, though this does mean you’ll be down on your knees to access it.

Written by: Catherine Balston, Baby London ( England )
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9 months & forever

Compact double solution that can easily be used for one child too!


The Mountain Buggy Duet is a super compact side by side stroller that is mainly for use with two children but if necessary you can also buy a tote bag to replace the second seat if you do want to use this stroller as a single. Even though this stroller is a double, the wheel base is actually the same size as a single stroller so getting from A to B with two children should be just as easy as one – genius!

Written by: Claire Fedigan, 9 months & forever
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