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Prima Baby Award 2015 GOLD

GOLD! Winner of a Prima Baby Award 2015

The Nano’s ingenious, very neat fold is fantastic, making it incredibly user-friendly for parents with a small house, small car, or just for anyone who hates clutter.

For parents wanting to travel any distance it will be a revelation - the Nano decreased my stress levels on the train and meant I would literally have room for an extra suitcase in the car on our next holiday. I might even have space for my own stuff, instead of filling the boot with nappies, children’s clothes and the toddler’s teddies.

Written by: Made for Mums
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Samantha Scott nano review

Customer Review

"Having a pram from the minute we stepped out of the car at the airport till we arrived at the boarding gate was wonderful.My boy got to sleep in his familiar and comfortable surrounds and I was able to load the basket up with all our various bits and pieces (meaning everything including the kitchen sink as you do when travelling with kids). 

When it came time to board I was slightly nervous how this amazing contraption would go down with the flight attendant.

Well I needn’t have worried; the flight attendant was thrilled to see my pram and even went so far as to comment she wished everyone travelled with one!" 

Written by: Samantha Scott ( Australia )

Baby London nano review

Nano in its made for environment

As any mother who has traveled with a baby knows, it’s all about preparation. This means a big bag of stuff to get you through: nappies, food, milk, bottles, wipes, change of clothes, change of clothes for mummy, iPad, back-up for iPad, books, more snacks and so on. Despite all this baggage, the wanderlust in me won’t quite give up the ghost.

Written by: Baby London Magazine ( UK )
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The Wall Street Journal

Baby Gear For an Easier Vacation

Most travel strollers sacrifice features for lightness, but the Mountain Buggy nano weighs only 13 pounds—less than many umbrella-style strollers—and is loaded with extras like an ample sunshade, rear-wheel suspension and compatibility with any universal children’s car seat.

Unlike most strollers, however, it can fit into the overhead bin when folded. With no need to check it at the gate, it won’t get dinged and dirty in the cargo hold, and you won’t have to wait for it to be brought up after your flight while trying to corral your antsy children.

Written by: Kevin Sintumuang ( The Wall Street Journal)
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Sassy Mama Dubai

The Battle Of The Buggys

"For me, the Nano’s much lower price plus cooler look (yup, shallow I know) makes it win hands-down. So maybe I won’t be that mad woman at the airport after all –  look out for the very relieved looking nano-pushing mama instead!"

Written by: Kaya ( Sassy Mama Dubai )
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Pushchair Expert

Score 5/5

The Nano 2016 is the perfect travel companion for parents with small children. It's tiny fold, impressively large lie flat seat, and adaptability means that it can be used from birth all the way up until you no longer need a pushchair.

Written by: ( United Kingdom )
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Little Lux Traveller Nano Stroller Review

Travel With a Toddler

"What we really wanted was a lightweight, compact, stylish stroller that would make travelling with a baby a little bit easier. The Mountain Buggy Nano ticks all of those boxes and more!

We absolutely love our Mountain Buggy Nano! It has been on twelve flights around the world thus far and has helped us to enjoy our holidays, by ensuring our little one is comfortable. It is so compact and lightweight, gives us a place to store all of our baby stuff, and even provides the perfect place to feed baby while out and about. I would highly recommend the Mountain Buggy Nano for those travelling the world with a little one in tow."

Written by: Nooreen ( Little Luxe Traveller )
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Lisa Jakson, Sky Scanner

Travel Gear Every Parent Needs

Weighing less than 13 lbs, this lightweight, compact stroller makes travel by plane, train, or car a cinch.

Arriving at your destination, parents will love the ease of use and maneuverability: just flick open with one hand to unfold and get rolling.

Written by: Lisa Jakson, Sky Scanner
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nano and toddler at the airport

The perfect travel stroller for every family

This travel stroller is lightweight (less than 13lbs), compact (measuring just 21 x 12 x 20″ when folded), and super convenient to use while you’re out and about. It can easily fit into many carry on luggage units for planes, trains and automobiles. I love testing it out so much that we selected it as our Product of the Month for November! It was super simple to put together as well as fold and unfold. With the press of 2 buttons, the  nano stroller  drops in 2 stages, leaving it the size of a compact travel satchel.

Written by: Nina Spears, The Baby Chick ( Texas, United States )
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JPMA Innovation Award 2013

WINNER! Of a JPMA Innovation Award, 2013

A truly lightweight, compact folding travel stroller that offers an authentic Mountain Buggy experience, nano provides dual functionality of car seat compatibility to easily transforming into a fuss free urban stroller - a desired product for today's busy, travelling modern families. Nano is the world’s lightest compact travel system.

“The winners of the 2013 JPMA Innovation Awards have the power to make a new mom's life easier as well as keep her baby safe,” remarked Laura Kalehoff, Editor of Fit Pregnancy, sponsor of the program. “Not only do these products represent fresh, creative thinking, but they're truly useful and smartly designed as well. Congratulations to the winners!”

Nano travel stroller in carry on luggage

"In Hong Kong we don't have a car so are always in and out of public transport - taxis, buses, ferries, trains - and the Nano has no worries getting in-to/on-to/off etc with absolutely no problems.  I am especially stoked when people in the taxi queue watch me throw a kid in the back seat, collapse the buggy in the flash-of-an-eye and nonchalantly sit it next to me as I get in.  

We are always having to negotiate stairs, escalators, lifts, access ramps etc.  The super manouverability of the Nano helps us get around so easily.  'Hands full' is no worries as it can be pushed with one hand, leaving the other one free to carry the other critter.  I can't say enough how well I think it is suited to the urban environments.... the thriving metropolis of Hong Kong has really put up some challenges in terms of us getting around in our other stroller, but honestly, the Nano doesn't have the same problems.

It goes anywhere.  We took it to Thailand and kinda hammered it.  Mud, rocks, sand - it did it all.  When it did need to be lifted up stairs or through soft soft sand, it was easy due to how light it is.  I can easily pick it up with Ali (3 yr old) in it and carry them along. We can't really fault it.  It's great." - Paddy, nano pilot and Dad to Aliana and Ethan 


Paddy and Annette - travel with nano stroller

"The Nano was just perfect! When it arrived I was really impressed with how robust it seemed, and the generous size when in use - this is definitely not your usual flimsy umbrella stroller! It was easy to fold up and down - in fact at one point when we got off the plane and I flicked it out, it even got a few "Wow"s from nearby passengers! There were no problems at all in fitting it into the overhead locker, and the included carry bag made it neat and easy to deal with.
My favourite feature however would have to be the recline. Over the course of out two day trip, our toddler slept in the Nano 4 times - on the way to the airport both flights (and one of those right up until boarding), while site seeing on the Saturday, and when we went out for dinner our first night there. The simple fact is, a regular, non reclining umbrella stroller would have severely impacted on our trip, as we wouldn't have been able to get out and about as much as with the Nano, and we would have had a grumpy tired toddler too!" - Emjons

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"Right from delivery of the tiny box, it is clear why the nano looks the way it does. It is designed to fold VERY small - in fact it will even fit into an overhead luggage compartment on a plane. If that isn’t a great feature, I don’t know what is. I speak from experience – being able to place your child straight into their pushchair just as you get off the plane is a life saver!" 

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"I think Mountain Buggy has achieved something special - the Nano folds down to such tiny proportions that it’s hard to believe there’s anything more than a stripped-back, minimal comfort travel stroller in the bag. But when it’s unfolded the Nano looks like a normal, full size pushchair with really spacious underseat storage. I really liked the simple, ingenious design and when the travel cover is pulled over, it seems to shrink even more. Friends walked past it in my cramped hallway and genuinely did not notice it.

The Nano’s ingenious, very neat fold is fantastic, making it incredibly user-friendly for parents with a small house, small car, or just for anyone who hates clutter. For parents wanting to travel any distance it will be a revelation - the Nano decreased my stress levels on the train and meant I would literally have room for an extra suitcase in the car on our next holiday. I might even have space for my own stuff, instead of filling the boot with nappies, children’s clothes and the toddler’s teddies.''

Written by: Made for Mums Read the full nano stroller review by Made for Mums

"It’s unanimous! There is a new favorite stroller on the block!   My husband and I love our strollers.  We love checking out the latest and greatest in infant transportation but we haven’t come across a stroller that does it all… until now.  We are unabashedly in love with the Mountain Buggy Nano." - Suzanne Chan, Mom Confessionals

"In addition to traveling great, we are actually loving this stroller for day to day use.  Not too long ago, our family recently upgraded our car for a larger one to accommodate our growing family.  With that upgrade, came a downgrade, loss of trunk space.  With a new baby, my husband had to just consider the trunk space a loss to the stroller.  Instead our car aisle and floor space became our new storage for shopping bags, sports equipment, groceries and everything in between.  It wasn’t a very comfortable situation and you can imagine with 2 older children, there was a lot of don’t step on that, watch your step!

When we test things, we like to put things through a full life cycle test, a day in the lives of the Chan Family.  So out went the other stroller from our trunk and in went the Mountain Buggy Nano.  I couldn’t wait to tell my husband that he had some trunk space!  It was amazing!  It still wasn’t a lot of space, but it was two thirds (2/3) of our trunk free space that we didn’t have before.  There was no additional parts, no chassis and seat combination taking up the entire space.  We could fit a few bags of groceries, toss the schoolbags and sporting gear in the trunk finally!  That to us was a gamechanger.  We haven’t been able to or want to switch back to our other stroller." - Suzanne Chan, Mom Confessionals

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71% rating from Which? review site!

Our MB nano was awarded a 71% rating on UK's independent review site! "Which? has compared the features and performance of more than 300 pushchairs since 2007, and we know what makes a good or bad pushchair." nano received a 5/5 rating for lifting and moving when folded, storing in a medium family car and taking on the bus.

Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear, 2014 - SILVER

SILVER! Best Travel Stroller

Our nano was awarded silver in the Best Travel Stroller category of the Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards, 2014!

We took our nano to London

"Once in London Southend, London's newest airport, we took the 53 minute long train to Liverpool Street Station. In the train, our nano fit perfectly in the luggage compartments :)
Our hotel was located in Victoria, just a short walk from Buckingham Palace. We ended up walking a lot; from Victoria to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, South Bank and Borough market. We ended up taking a bus to get back to the hotel after a long day! We also visited the Sea Life London, which Liam enjoyed very much, and thankfully is buggy friendly. There was so much happening that Liam fell asleep for almost 2 hours! Luckily it wasn't a problem as the nano can recline back to keep him comfortable.
This trip was a good test for the nano and we have to say, we love it! It's compact but also comfortable, easy to steer and light. I will definitely be taking it away again!"-ShereA

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New York Family: Best Strollers of 2014!

"The Mountain Buggy nano is the ultimate travel companion, as it promises convenience, longevity, maneuverability, and first class safety standards. A stylish and innovative travel buggy, the nano features premium quality and refined style. Weighing in at a mere 13 lbs, the nano also has the ability to fold into its own custom-made travel bag (to fit into overhead bins on airplanes and trains), as well as built-in car seat adapters that work without any additional accessories."

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Sophia lifting her lightweight nano stroller

"We absolutely LOVE it! I think it's great and Olivia loves being able to jump in and out so easily. All of the features are fabulous and well thought out - very user friendly!" - Sophia, nano pilot and Mom to Olivia


Sophia and Chloe - travel with their nano stroller

"It's lightweight, and it folds and opens like a deck chair. I love the size of it when folded - just about fits into any space, between car seats in our people carrier, under the table in restaurants. And the size of it when it opens out - it wheels like a dream through tight bus aisles, between restaurant tables, through ticket gates at the train station. It's easy to control - we can cruise along with a single hand yet have full control. It has robust construction for a fold away travel buggy. It's comfortable! Chloe ate, slept and played on it. I love the easy to adjust seat. Generally, a great wee get up and go va va voom! I absolutely adore it! - Bonnie, nano pilot and Mom to Chloe


Bonnie, Alan and Chloe - travel with nano stroller

Paul and April carrying their nano stroller

"There wasn't enough room in our camper van for our urban jungle so we took the nano stroller on our New Zealand road trip with us. It's compact fold meant that it could be stored neatly under the table or bed when not in use. It was quick and easy to put up and we used it everywhere we went - around towns, on rough tracks and even on the beach. My daughter had no problem taking her daily nap thanks to the handy recline and the shopping basket was great for all the paraphernalia that goes hand in hand with having two pre-schoolers. The one hand manoeuvrability meant that my other hand was free to hold other things, like my son! I couldn't fault the nano and it's become an essential part of my family." - Danie, nano pilot and Mum to Harrison and April


The Wigzells and travel with nano

Shatha with her nano travel stroller

Shatha, nano pilot and Mum 

Shatha - travel with nano stroller

Leo with his nano travel stroller

"My wife & I travel a bit with our young girls. After several bad experiences getting to, through & out of airports with little people, I had really started to find this part of travelling with my family stressful - not really the relaxing start you should have to a holiday. Even our big stroller only went so far; we'd have to check this in & then we'd be lumbered with having to carry a child all the way through the airport. And at the other end, we'd even hired bigger (more expensive!) cars to make sure we could fit all of our gear (big stroller included!). 

We had the chance to travel with the Nano, and it could not have been a more different experience! A 5am start had me expecting the previous stress of wrangling & carrying tired kids... instead, we wheeled straight to check in. We left our sleeping 2 year old in the buggy (usually this was the point where stress levels start going up!), and rolled through ! We literally rolled straight to the plane door - an instant fold of the Nano, which easily fitted into the overhead locker & we were off!On landing, the Nano was straight in to use at the plane door, with our youngest beaming to everyone - so proud she was with her new wheels! 
Our rental car (a compact!!) was waiting, and we loaded everything in the boot with space to spare! Tripping around a new city meant lots of exploring on foot: Nano was faultless, with a great recline for tired kids, a roomy basket for shopping, but most importantly, smooth handling for manoeuvring around, and getting up & down kerbs was a cinch!I couldn't believe just how much of an impact using the right buggy could have when travelling with kids - and in our eyes it paid for itself on the first trip! If you travel even a little bit with kids - you need this. It will improve your life!" - Leo, nano pilot and Dad to Connie and May

Leo - travel with nano stroller

Jeremy in the nano travel stroller

"Even though I love my full-size Mountain Buggy terrain, I always wanted a lightweight stroller that's easy to bring along when I'm out with my little boy.  After testing Mountain Buggy's new Nano, I think I've found the one that fits my needs. There are many things no one tells you about before you have such a lightweight stroller that folds so compactly. Nano is the stroller I will throw in the trunk, carry with me on the bus or check at the gate before boarding a plane. The canopy provides excellent coverage and a mesh back that lets me see my little boy and improves airflow. A close-to-flat recline position for letting him nap in comfort. The two step fold is simple and leaves the stroller upright and very carryable with its side carry handle or shoulder strap. A one-touch brake on the back wheel provides a secure stop, but is also easy to flip with a sandal. What I love about Nano: it makes life easier and is ideal for running errands, city living, traveling and public transport - life without limit!" - Alice, Mum to Jeremy