mountain buggy + one review from pushchair experts

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Stadium seating is not something that you normally think of as being associated with pushchairs, but let us introduce the upgraded Mountain Buggy +one.

Rather than designing a brand new pushchair, Mountain Buggy has gone back to the drawing board with some of their popular three wheelers to create something even better. We're taking a closer look in our Mountain Buggy +one Review, a pushchair that is capable of carrying one or two children.

Written by: pushchairexpert
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"I have found the Mountain Buggy + One to be a great pram. I love, love, love the colour, have found it’s smooth to use, well suited to my needs with two children and allows me to enjoy taking my boys on outdoor excursions."

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Written by: Adele Staples - Auckland, New Zealand

+one review

"It really is the perfect pram for my two kids and as always, Mountain Buggy have exceeded all expectations of an inline double. It will make a brilliant single seat pram for my son when my daughter no longer wants to sit in it. I love the overall aesthetics of the pram, it is sleek, streamline and stylish and doesn’t bear the clunky look of many double prams. The storage, versatility and general maneuverability of the pram are what really sold me on it. I love that I can fit anywhere that a single pram can without losing the under seat basket. Whether you have two children already, are expecting your second or preparing for your first, the +one is a must."

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Written by: Samantha Scott - Sydney, Australia

"We went on a walk around Arthur's Seat, a famous landmark here in Edinburgh. The stroller had zero problems handling the terrain, and I can't praise the hood design enough, perfect for when the wind picked up to shield the boys.

... Edinburgh zoo is built on a hill here so it is quite the work out with a pram. The +one was a dream at the zoo, easy to manoeuvre, and one thing I'm really loving about it, is whether it has two children in or one it feels the same to push. I'm used to feeling a real change in weight and steering when using other doubles with two children in...with the zoo being on an incline, I have to say the brake on this pram is excellent, of course I would never leave the pram unattended on a hill, but it is great to know with the brake on you can take your hand off for whatever reason and not worry it will go running down the hill. I spent the day with friends at the zoo and both were thoroughly impressed with the pram too, and how both children were positioned in it. They both actually napped at the same tine, always a bonus!"

Written by: Claire Stewart - Edinburgh, Scotland

"Sheridan is loving how easy the pram is to push and manoeuvre around the shops, and how big the storage underneath is. It makes being heavily pregnant with a toddler doing the shopping that little bit easier. We took it out for a test drive today and found it so much smoother than our previous pram. It seems very big, but its so easy to control and steer. I love the look of the carrycot plus, can't wait for the next bub to arrive so we can try it out."

Written by: Marcus Carter - Melbourne, Australia

"Pushing the stroller was quite comfortable in spite of the weight of our daughters... almost 25kg haha!...we could manage quite well to push the buggy... very light and quick. In fact, my partner got inspired even to run. Andrea and Jana have enjoyed the excursion a lot, and even more being pushed instead of walking :)"

Written by: Noemi Ruiz - Spain