travel systems
car seat in car and attached to buggy

What is a travel system?

A travel system consists of a buggy and an infant car seat, connected simply with a car seat adaptor that allows the two to easily clip together. 

nano with protect capsule attached

Transform your buggy into a travel system

Travel systems are useful for parents as they offer an effortless transition from car to buggy. Simply unclip your car seat from the vehicle car seat base and clip it securely on to your Mountain Buggy frame - immediately transforming your buggy into a travel system.

car seat adaptors for single and double buggies
  single buggy
travel systems
double buggy
travel systems
MB mini with protect capsule attached

Lightweight Mountain Buggy travel systems

Mountain Buggy offers a variety of lightweight travel systems for added convenience for busy families. nano™ comes travel system ready with no additional car seat adaptors required. All other buggies in the range require an easy to use car seat adaptor to simply clip and go.

carseat with car seat adaptor plus buggy equals travel system

example: MB mini travel system featuring protect™ car seat and clip 25 car seat adaptor

Create your own Mountain Buggy travel system

At Mountain Buggy, we want you to be able to create a travel system that meets your needs. That is why we have designed all of our buggies to be able to transform into travel systems using a Mountain Buggy car seat adaptor. All you need to do is find the car seat adaptor that fits your Mountain Buggy model*

Unsure which car seat adaptor you need?       find in our matrix

* Mountain Buggy nano™ does not require an additional car seat adaptor

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