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"Look, no hands!"

"Like all Mountain Buggy products, the juno carrier is well made, of high quality and intuitive. I always get the feeling their products are made by parents who are solving problems. Like how to eat a burger while looking after the baby as you wait for your wife to choose the exact right type of scented candle." read the full review here

Written by: Oliver Driver aka Gadget Guy - ( NZ)

JPMA 2015 Award

“Best Carrier” JPMA Innovation Award 2015 Winner

We are honoured that the Mountain Buggy  juno carrier was named ‘Best Carrier’ in the 2015 JPMA Innovation Awards at the ABC tradeshow in Las Vegas, the biggest annual nursery tradeshow in the world.

Read more about the JMPA Innovation Awards here

Written by: JPMA Innovation Award 2015

International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Juno officially acknowledged as a “hip-healthy product”

“The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Mountain Buggy juno carrier as a ‘hip-healthy product’ when used as directed”.

Our hard working Mountain Buggy product design and marketing teams passionately researched ergonomic babywearing, safety and comfort when developing juno, and are very proud to be acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for such conscientious attention to safe positioning in all four carrying modes.

Find out more about the International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommendations for safe position here

Written by: International Hip Dysplasia Institute

The Cribsie Academy Star Awards

The Cribsie Academy Star Award for “Comfiest Carrier” 2016

We’re incredibly proud that The Cribsie Academy Star panel of judges named juno the “Comfiest Carrier” for 2016. The panel of judges (which included Stroller Traffic and the Baby Guy NYC) assessed each product based on innovation, style/design, marketability, and utility. The Cribsie Awards are well recognised across USA and Canada, and see over 400,000 parents voting for their favourite nursery products.

Find out more about the Cribsie Awards here

Written by: The Cribsie Academy Star Awards

A Review of the Mountain Buggy Juno

"Firstly it’s comfortable, really comfortable, a full day trip round London and a day at The Eden Project with a 2 year is testament to that. As my boy is getting heavier, finding a carrier with padded straps is a must, along with a wide, supportive lumber support. Both of which are a feature of this carrier"

Read the full review here

Written by: Mum in a Nutshell ( Devon, United Kingdom) Review of Mountain Buggy Juno

Elina and Pixie

Elina, has a 5 month old daughter Pixie who was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia the day after she was born. This meant she had regular checkups and had to wear a harness to hold her hips in a safe and comfortable position, allowing her joints to grow and develop correctly. At 10 weeks old, the harness came off and Elina was advised to use a carrier which was ‘hip-friendly’, ensuring that her daughter's legs would be carried in the same supportive position as the one she had when using the harness. 

After all of her thoughtful research, Elina chose the Mountain Buggy juno carrier, and has been loving it ever since! 

“All in all I couldn't be happier with the purchase; it almost gives me a little reminder of how it was to have Pixie in my belly :) Nice little sentimental memory!”

Written by: Elina and Pixie

The company behind some impressive workhorse prams has just released its first ever baby carrier, called juno. And it’s already an innovation award winner.

"...But what sets it apart from others is a couple of very unique design features. It has a protective hood for bub’s head that stows away in a discreet pocket, ready to be used when the weather turns, and an innovative length-adjustable infant insert which provides padded head, neck and spine support."

Written by: ( Australia)
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Cool Mom Picks logo

Right off the bat, I was impressed to see that the carrier actually comes with an infant insert, which is typically an additional cost. There are certainly some other wonderful features I like about the Juno too. First, I appreciate how lightweight it is while still feeling sturdy and strong. The 3D mesh padded shoulder straps and waistband provide good weight distribution, and some truly awesome relief if you have any back problems like I do.

I love how soft the fabric is, and it’s reassuring to know that the carrier fabric is certified free of harmful chemicals and other stuff that you I’d rather not have near your baby.

Written by: Stephanie M. ( United States)
Cool Mom Picks reviews the Mountain Buggy Juno

The hands through connect pouch is exactly what you naturally do when you have your baby in the carrier you slot your hands around your baby so this design features means baby can really feel your hands on their back and as Mountain Buggy word it so elegantly its "hands through connection".

Written by: ( Australia)
Watch the video review here

"Being summer (well spring but it feels like summer) another aspect that I was amazed by was how cool and breathable the juno is."

Written by: Samantha Scott, ( Australia)
Read the full review here

Bumps, Birth & Beyond

"The appearance is smart and would easily be accepted by even the most macho of dads whilst being suitable for mum too – quite urban yet with a funky, outdoorsy edge. If you’re the kind of family that like plenty of long walks in the great outdoors, this is for you!"

Read the full review here  

Written by: Bumps, Birth & Beyond ( United Kingdom)


"Like a good pair of jeans, juno balances style and comfort perfectly. It looks at home on the street, but doesn’t compromise on comfort when you’re out exploring."

Read the full review here

Written by: OHbaby ( New Zealand)


"The Juno quickly became my go-to carrier for outdoor life. We like to take walks on trails and go hiking in the woods, and this carrier is durable and comfortable for long adventures. I comfortably back-carried and played a whole round of frisbee golf with my infant, and I even carried a 40-pound 4-year-old for a few hours at the zoo!"

Read the full review here

Written by: Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine ( United States)

Stroller Traffic Review

"No matter where they wore their babies, the Scouts agreed that the juno is soft, comfy, and secure. They appreciated its fashionably sensible colors—black, sand, charcoal, navy/nautical—and gave bonus points for discreet side pockets ("big enough for the iPhone 6," says Natalia Cherubini of Los Angeles".

Read the full review here  

Written by: StrollerTraffic ( United States)


"The team at Mountain Buggy have really thought about what a parent and child need when designing this carrier. I think that the nicest feature is the hands through connection pouch. It’s basically just a pouch or pocket built in to the front of the pocket, but which allows you to put your hands in and cuddle your baby whilst carrying them. Although using a carrier is designed for you to be hands free to carry on with daily life with a child, I do find myself still holding my daughter for a snuggle as I walk along, so it’s a lovely touch for them to have included."

Read the full review here!

Written by: mumii ( United Kingdom)


I am a mother to 2 amazing children my son aged 3 & daughter aged 1 - we live in London with my husband. I have a campaign to change the bad reputation of mum dressing called DRESS LIKE A MUM where i hope to inspire mums not to loose their love of clothes despite what their children throw at them. 

"The Juno has been brilliant - I love how I can just roll it up and put it under my buggy for when my small one won't settle (as she always does in the Juno). It has also been great to take on walks both in town and in the country. I love how easy it is to put on by myself and how comfortable it is to wear. I also love how it looks - really simple and stylish"

Read Zoe's Blog here

Written by: Zoe de Pass ( Mother to 2 little ones)

mother with juno frontpack child carrier brighton beach reviewer - Jess Warner

I'm a creative working mum to 5 lively boys and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love that everyday is hectic and full to the brim, which fuels my creativity and love of life! I love fashion, interior style, travelling, shopping and kisses.

"Casper loved the Juno, as did I! We were planning on driving for the school pick up of the older boys today, but the Juno was so comfy we just extended our dog walk and headed straight to the school. It was a fab day weather wise, but Casper isn't too keen on sunshine, so the hood was perfect for shielding his head whilst he slept soundly.”

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Written by: Jess Warner ( Mother to Noah, Marley, Hugo, Bruno & Casper)

Sally Fazeli

I never thought I'd say this but being a mama to our little boy Hugo has been the most fulfilling and fun job in the world. Of course testing at times but that's what makes life more interesting. Hugo has taught me so much about putting life into perspective especially with that whole juggling act between work/home and now mummy blogging life!

“The material feels really soft too which I like & is great for extra comfort for both mother & child. The hood too is an extra bonus which I haven't seen before on a carrier & I love how that can be tucked away so neatly. The design is really sleek too, which is great as it doesn't look too mumsy if you know what I mean"

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Written by: Sally Fazeli ( Mother to Hugo)

Claire Stewart

I am a mama to two young boys, and together with my husband we are raising them in Edinburgh city. We love city life, outdoor adventures and travelling. We're learning life absolutely doesn't have to stop once you have kids, in fact it's when the fun (and chaos!) really begins.

“From very, very little, Archie has always responded to touch when upset, skin to skin contact calmed him instantly and that's what happened today. When I took him out of the stroller and put him into the juno my agitated little guy became a mass of giggles, and then calm and snug"

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Written by: Claire Stewart ( Mother to Caleb & Archie)