Unirider is a truly one of a kind product!

One parent, one child, one wheel is the tag line for this product and thinking about those things together, the outcome could be disastrous however the Mountain Buggy Unirider is a truly one of a kind product.

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Leo & May (4 years old)

"Amazing number of interested parents & kids ! I think we caused a bit of a scene a few times - lots of turning heads, and heaps of parents all asking the same thing.... "Where did you get it ??!"

Fantastic for a surprising range of terrain - we even went uphill bush walking (most relaxing family bush walk in years, by the way... no need to bribe & cajole our 4 year old up hills!), to the beach where it handled the sand without skipping a beat... and the plastic seat meant it was fine for a wet pair of togs parked on it for the ride home!
We were constantly surprised at the ease of maneuverability - with the balance perfectly over the wheel, any age could push it... May loved being pushed on walks by her pre-teen cousins.... but mostly she loved the speed ! I found it was so easy to run with, holding & steering with one hand was surprisingly easy, and I felt really secure that I was in control jogging with my Unirider.
Fair to say... it made our summer holiday !

Written by: Leo & May (4 years old)

Mel & Zack (4 years old)

"You know a product is a big hit with your four year old when he yells out "this is sooooo much fun" as he whizzes by on the unirider pushed along by his dad"

Both father and son love this toy that has a real thrill factor. Where a scooter is an individual pursuit, the unirider requires both child and parent to be involved, making it mode of transport that is fun for both the rider and the pusher. It enables them to share an experience. Being a typical four year old, my son loves being pushed at pace on the unirider and yells out "go faster!". He's equally happy being pushed at walking speed for a leisurely stroll along the waterfront or to our favourite local cafe. On the day I took the unirider home my son insisted that I push him around the house all day. Being able to move around toys on the ground and furniture is a testament to how easy the unirider is to maneuver even with a heavy boy on board.
The unirider is fun, easy to use and great way to get your child having fun outdoors.

Written by: Mel & Zack (4 years old)

Alice & Jeremy (2 years old)

"Unirider looks quite fancy and gives Jeremy countless hours of entertainment"

We were going to get Jeremy a balance bike for Xmas but he had unirider on board instead. ;) I have to say that unirider is designed for kinda off-road capabilities, and it will easily keep traction on grassy slopes. If you want to give your child a unique experience for their ride on, unirider is an ideal fit offers parents control speed. 

Written by: Alice & Jeremy (2 years old)

"We’re jumping out of our skins to show you the newest kid on the block from Mountain Buggy! This is your first look at the unirider – which has just hit the market today, and it’s a dead-set ripper. Super fun and great for developing balancing skills, this is the hottest new thing to tote toddlers." 

The air-filled tyre means it’s a great little off-road option, and it’s really light, so you can throw it in the back of the car with ease. And if you’re heading off for a jog, pop your toddler on the unirider – it’s easy to push with just one hand (like all of Mountain Buggy’s products!).

Written by: ( Australia)

You can jog quickly up the street, to the park and even do much longer walks, with your child as happy as a lark and feeling in control of their unique transport as you go.

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Kelly Coe and Demi with the unirider

"My 4 year old daughter Demi loves her unirider. Makes it so much easier to pop out for a walk or zip down to the dairy when I can push her along rather try to walk far with her."

Her big sister rides her bike so this is perfect to go alongside her with. I can imagine it will be a hit when my next baby is a little bigger as well, before she is big enough to scooter or bike she will love this. So much fun and a bit of a novelty for them!!

Written by: Kelly Coe & Demi (4 years old)

tinitrader unirider review

"Harriet is usually a bit hesitant with new things, but not so with this. She jumped straight on and as we ran off up the hall there was a very loud, "weeeeeee!""

Getting kids on the seat takes no encouragement or guidance, it's totally intuitive. Once the Unirider is moving it takes little effort to steer or push along. Walking is easy, jogging presents no issues and running with both hands is equally as simple. Read the full review here  

Written by: ( AUS)

Rocky and Ruby Review

"We have thrashed it and it is used every weekend if not a few times during the week for trips to the park or just around the block for a spin and some fresh air to keep myself and the toddler sane, I much prefer it over the bike when I have just me and the kid's because I can have Ruby in the front pack and I know that he won’t get tired and want me to carry him, Ruby and the bike (this happens frequently when we take the bike out) plus he seriously loves it so much!" Read the full review here

Written by: ( NZ)

Similar to a balance bike/trike with a push bar, the Unirider is part toy, part carrier. It’s designed to shuttle 2-to-5-years-old (up to 55 lbs) around in a fun way while also helping them develop balance, and the ability to audition for Ringling Brothers in high school. For you, it's a chance to work out those pipe cleaners, since your holding up their entire weight as you push. It rocks a single 12-inch, all-terrain tire that can conquer mountains (small ones), and a seat built-in handle strap and multiple foot positions so they can sit comfortably as they get bigger.

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We have so far had the the Unirider on the farm, on the footpath and on the beach – across different terrain and even through a stream, it provides an entertaining, different, fun way to transport your child and it has been a source of delight for many children who have had their eye turned by this different looking fun ride. I like the ease of use. 

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