unirider design sketches

a real solution from a real parent

Cleverly designed in collaboration with a very clever dad in the UK, Simon Langham came up with an ingenious idea of taking the ‘meltdown’ toddler away from family adventures back in 2011.

“Freddie reached the age of three, and he wasn’t at all keen on sitting in the pushchair for any length of time. Everyone ended up frustrated so it got me thinking. There had to be a clever solution to this problem. I had the idea that riding a single wheel could be fun, simple and speedy.

So I spent a Saturday morning designing, drawing and inventing in our garage. After playing with materials that I had at hand (plywood, a clothes rail, a broom handle and a wheel ‘borrowed’ from Freddie’s bike), I had a basic but functional prototype to test, and… the prototype worked! The gyroscopic effect of the wheel spinning counter-balanced the weight of the child and stabilises the unirider.” - Simon Langham



the results are in

"It was easy to push and steer and most important of all Freddie loved riding it. We were back to long walks with a Freddie who loved every moment of it." - Simon Langham 

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