Perhaps the real deal clincher here is, your free-standing stroller passenger won’t be quick to outgrow this stroller board. As a scooter, the Freerider grows with your child, with the handlebar adjusting to any height between 68cm and 90cm and can withstand up to 50kg.

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Hollie Schultz of gives her take on freerider as a stroller board and a child scooter.

"For those of you that don't know, the freerider is a terrific alternative to a wheeled board. It's a three-wheeled scooter that attaches to the back axel and allows your child to ride along, then pop the scooter off when they want to be a bit more independent." - Jamie Grayson, The Baby Guy NYC

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"The end result, mum and kids very happy.  The youngest seemed most impressed with the Urban Jungle (as was mum) and the toddler LOVED the Freerider.  I had some reservations about how well it would steer and if I would have to walk like a sumo wrestler pushing the buggy, but I needn’t have been concerned."

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"The freerider pops off and, with a flip of the wheel, becomes exactly what it looks like, a freewheeling scooter. And I can tell you that this is a very popular feature. Just knowing that it pops off and turns into a scooter, makes my 3 year old more willing to ride when I need him to, but actually using it as a scooter is his favorite thing to do right now... life with the freerider is so much more pleasant for us here." 

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