Our first family holiday with our new edition!

So with the holiday booked, I have already started to think about what I need to take with me and how I am going to strategically pack it into the car. The Mountain Buggy terrain is quite a bit bigger than my previous pushchairs, so I am fearful that something may have to stay behind. My mind starts to reel will it be the kids bucket and spades and other essential toys, or am I going to have to forfeit some of my clothes!

Why is it that when going on holiday with young children you end up taking everything but the kitchen sink? There is definitely something surprisingly comforting about knowing you have everything ‘just in case’. My children always end up with an impressive collection of clothes; some for daytime use, some for evening use, some for hot weather and then some in case it gets cold or rains. As the parent with limited space left in the suitcase, you only have the luxury of taking the bare essentials. No room for spills or spoils from mucky hands, runny noses or the occasional bit of sick – highly attractive!

These fears are completely unfounded because the Mountain Buggy terrain folds down so neatly and slots perfectly into the back of the boot – almost as if the car had been made for it. So with everything packed into the car, we head off to Somerset for a few days of outdoor fun while looking for more accessible routes to share.

Our new home for a few days is a lovely little caravan in Burnhan-On-Sea, which my daughter thinks is the bee’s knees. I wonder how many years it will be before she starts to think that going away with your family to a caravan is the height of ‘uncool’ and silently pledge to enjoy every second of our caravan adventure.

So with the settling in all done and a picnic packed, we head off to explore. Our first exciting find is the lovely Apex Country Park, which was voted one of the UK’s most cherished parks last year. With 42 acres of land and meadows and 3 acres of man-made lakes, it really is a fab place. There is an abundance of wildlife whichever way you look and the play parks are an ideal stopping place for kids.

With Joshua in the terrain and Hannah with her scooter, we make our way around the lake – the accessible tarmac path certainly made for some super fast scooting! Once again I am so impressed with just how easy it is with the terrain. The buggy made such light work of the undulating path and the whole walk was a real pleasure.

Having done a few walks now on tarmac, I was keen to find one with a more challenging terrain. A walk around the Brue Estuary provided the ideal test. With uneven ground in places and a fine gravel path, this is just what I needed to take things up a notch with testing the suspension of the buggy.

After setting out on this stunning costal route around the estuary and seeing that the terrain was taking all the gravel, grit and grooves in the path in its stride, I thought I would take a look through the ‘peek-a-boo’ flap at how Joshua was finding the ride. He was fast asleep – so a big thumbs up from me for the superb shock absorbing suspension! The easy to use adjustable straps for the seat position, meant I could get Joshua lying down in seconds. The sun canopy pulls right down and this ensured the sun stayed out of his eyes, guaranteeing a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

With a few days of walking completed and all our energy spent, we head back home to beautiful Bournemouth. We have thoroughly enjoyed our caravan holiday and our time exploring this stunning part of Somerset. My mind however is already on the next challenge I can put the terrain through…