neat and petite, ready to eat!

Without taking up any space in your house, pod is the lightest and most compact clip on high chair in the market.
With an easy to remove, wipeable fabric seat, pod is a hygienic solution when at home or eating out.   

The pod high chair folds flat enough to stow in your stroller parcel tray or bag - pictured in lime green and black


stand out features

The strong and safe pod highchair shown attached to breakfast bar with child eating fruit

removable, durable fabric seat that is easy to clean with child safety harness

The pod highchair has shoulder and waist harness to secure child - lime green and black fabric
The pod highchair has large c clamps to attach securely to table - this closeup shows the 1.8cm to 7cm clamp range - chilli red and black fabric

fabric safety loops for added security and peace of mind

The pod highchair has large c clamps to attach securely to tables and benches - this closeup shows the 1.8cm to 7cm clamp range - lime green and black fabric
pod™ is safety certified around the world and here is the icon to prove it

globally safety certified: strong and safe with a robust aluminium frame, holding up to 16.8kg / 37lbs

The pod highchair uses twist screw fastening to lock safely to appropriate tables  - lime green and black fabric
Our pod highchair seen with family at an outdoor cafe table

large c-shaped clamps with non-slip rubber grips

The pod highchair has durable easy clean removable fabric in lime green and black

fits like a glove... anywhere

Simply fold pod and place into nursery bags, buggy gear trays or compact storage spaces; custom carry bag included for convenience.

pod highchair closeup


the perfect travel highchair

pod is one of the smallest, most compact and lightweight portable highchairs. With a simplistic fold, it fits easily into handbags, buggy gear trays or compact storage spaces. pod also comes with a custom fit carry bag for ease of portability. Pair with the  nano stroller to get the perfect compact travel bundle. pod can neatly fit into the nano travel satchel to be carried on board airplanes, trains and buses.


pod clip-on travel highchair


comfortable, durable and hygienic

pod’s padded back support sits over an ergonomic frame to keep your child sitting comfortably for longer. The base of the high chair is reinforced with a strong plastic insert and the seat is designed deep to provide postural support for your growing child. 

pod highchair lifestyle

The aluminium clamp tightens with ease to a super strong and safe vice grip on the table or benchtop. Non-slip rubber grip pads protect your table and eliminate any chance of pod shifting when fitted, providing the safest little seat at the table. C-shape clamps can securely fit onto tables with small lips or measuring between 1.8 and 7cm.

pod high chair safely clamped to table top