Running with Olympians!

With the Olympics coming up in a few months, you can already feel the buzz in the air as the countdown begins for this elite sporting event! Our real life superheroes giving it their all for their country, and so it’s cool to know that in reality, they are just like you and I - real people, and some of them even real parents! Imagine their lifestyle, having to fit in training as well as being an active and proud mum or dad? Enter the Mountain Buggy terrain , which has proven to be a winner amongst the winners, enabling these elite athletes to continue living an extraordinary life without limit!

We were sent some fantastic images from top American athlete Meb Keflezighi (who is off to the London Olympics representing the US marathon team!), with fellow friend and running buddy, Andrew Kastor - out and about with their Mountain Buggy terrains!

Andrew is also a top athelete with 15 years behind him as a competitive runner, and who is now involved on the day-to-day routine of the world’s best distance runners that include his wife, Olympic and National medal winner Deena Kastor . His experience is with all levels of athletes - from novice runners aiming to complete their first 5k to Boston Marathon qualifying hopefuls. Way to go Andrew!

Don’t they look so happy and relaxed pushing their little ones in the great outdoors? I love these images for many reasons. For one, it’s finally nice to see some sunshine (being in Wellington, it’s pretty cold down here!), second - seeing dads out there with children is always a crowd pleaser, and third - how cool is it seeing two running dads pushing their Mountain Buggy’s side by side!

Pretty inspiring huh? Doesn’t it make you want to get out and join them, to live life without limit?!!