we're going great guns

Actually we’re going better than ever before. The last six months have been busy, really busy, and we want to tell you just what has been going on.

We were rapt that our close neighbours, phil&teds most excellent buggy company, took us over which has meant that we’ve been able to continue operating out of Wellington, New Zealand. YEEHAA!

So we’re still creating jobs here with 90% of a product’s development lifecycle remaining in New Zealand: research and development, design, marketing, finance, sales, logistics and operations. The need for mountain buggy to be commercially viable led us to move the manufacturing to phil&teds best in class (ISO 9001) facilities in China.

Some bold decisions have had to be made to get the business back on its feet and there hasn’t been a lot of sleep, much less time to read the latest snow report and head for the mountains. We’ve been hard at work rationalising the range, enhancing our great products, developing phenomenal new ones and developing a new look and feel to the brand.

So we’ve been all go, and we haven’t even scratched the surface. So keep your ears to the ground and eyes peeled for our updates as they roll off the press.