Prima Baby & Pregnancy Awards

Gold Award for Best Twin Buggy

Mountain Buggy duet has been awarded 2016 Twin Buggy Gold by Prima Baby magazine.

Prima Baby magazine is a leading title among parents in the UK and The Prima Baby awards are a trusted voice informing parents about the products and services that do genuinely make life easier, better and more fun for young families. As well as some of the country’s leading experts, the judging panel consists of real mums and dads. Read more here .

Written by: Prima Baby & Pregnancy Awards

New York Observer

"I checked with the 10,000-plus chorus of mothers on the uber-resource Facebook page, “Upper East Side Mamas” and they all pledged their support of the purchase. This way, we can still stroll Leo around town along with baby." read the full story here

Written by: Caroline Tell, New York Observer


"This puppy fits through the smallest of spaces. I took it to the grocery store and was SHOCKED when I could fit through the space up by the cashier." Read the full review here

Written by: Michelle Lindsay,

Pushchair Trader GOLD Award

GOLD! Best Double Stroller

Our duet buggy was judged Best Double Stroller in the Pushchair Trader Awards, 2013!

"The Mountain Buggy Duet has its wheels tucked in under its seats making it nice and narrow. It has separate hoods and a really nice big basket. The recline is a little fiddly, but works well enough. Some people may find this pushchair a little heavy to put in the car, but once you realise how it handles even with two on board, you won't want to go back!" 

the duet double buggy wins gold at the mother and baby awards

GOLD! Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair

Our duet buggy was judged Best Multiple, Twin Or Tandem Pushchair in the UK Mother&Baby Awards, 2014!

BEST Side-by-side Double Stroller

Our duet was judged Best Side-by-side Double Stroller in the Mom Trends Must-have Stroller Awards, 2014!

"Side-by-side double strollers have their convenience – it’s easy to see and help both children at once, and there’s no fighting over who has the better view. But they can also be beasts that take up half the sidewalk, knock over store aisle displays, and require a scene anytime you want to go through a doorway. Except for the  Mountain Buggy Duet . Mountain Buggy has designed their double stroller to be the same width as a single stroller – just 25” wide! Inside the super compact frame, there are still lots of your favorite stroller features like an adjustable handlebar, full-coverage canopy, and padded seats with a full recline. The Duet maneuvers and turns like a dream..." - Mom Trends Must-have Stroller Awards

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New York Family Pick

Best Stroller, 2014!

Our duet buggy was judged one of the best strollers for 2014 by New York Family!

Pushchair Trader Best Double Buggy Award - Gold

GOLD! Best double pushchair

Our duet was awarded GOLD in the Best Double Pushchair category of the Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards, 2014! 

Pushchair Trader Consumer Choice Award, 2014

Consumer Choice Award

As well as taking out the Best Double Pushchair category in the Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards, 2014, our duet also won a Consumer Choice Award!

4.5 out of 5 star rating!

"The first thing I noticed is that the Mountain Buggy Duet’s four ten-inch, air filled tyres provide excellent suspension (I wouldn’t expect anything less from a pram that was built to handle the mountains of New Zealand!)

You won’t have any problems changing direction or lifting the Duet onto the pavement or kerb, as not only is it light, it’s easy to steer and can change direction at the drop of a hat. 

The movements are very fluid and it’s definitely not a struggle to use unlike countless other buggies I’ve pushed.  The lightweight aluminum chassis coupled with the tyres makes for a super light double buggy option.

As a mother of four who has tried out many double buggies, this is the best of the bunch by a mile." - Sybilla Hart, Made for Mums product reviewer

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FINALIST! Best Ride for Two 

Our duet has been selected as a finalist in the Best Ride for Two category of the Cribsie Awards, 2015!

"The Cribsie Awards are the definitive awards for the parenting industry. Co-hosted by StrollerTraffic and The Baby Guy, the fourth annual Cribsie Awards create a secure forum for opinionated parents to elect their favorite brands and services from a curated list of best-of-the-best finalists, across five categories. Our mission is to recognize the best brands, products, services, and websites for babies, tots, and the parents who adore them." - Cribsie Awards

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Mountain Buggy Duet

"With my hectic life, I don’t have time for gym or classes (well that’s the excuse I use, and I’m sticking to it) so a really good walk down to the beach or to the park is enough to keep me in semi-ok shape. The Mountain Buggy Duet is really an amazing pram. It’s side by side which is the only way I would do it. I don’t like the idea of shoving one child behind the other and I think that it’s great that they interact the whole time. I know some mothers stress about taking up the whole sidewalk but this is not at all the case with the Duet. It fits through a normal doorway because its actually the same width as singe believe it or not." - Behind the scenes with Bec at Bellies & Beyond

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WINNER! Of a Prima Baby Award, 2015

Our duet buggy was awarded a Bronze medal in the Best Double Buggy category of the Prima Baby Awards, 2015! Read what Prima Baby had to say about duet:

"I took the Duet out for a stroll with my four and three-year-old plus newborn baby Celestia. The first thing I noticed is that the Mountain Buggy Duet’s four ten-inch, air filled tyres provide excellent suspension (I wouldn’t expect anything less from a pram that was built to handle the mountains of New Zealand!)

You won’t have any problems changing direction or lifting the Duet onto the pavement or kerb, as not only is it light, it’s easy to steer and can change direction at the drop of a hat. The movements are very fluid and it’s definitely not a struggle to use unlike countless other buggies I’ve pushed." - Prima Baby Awards

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The Wise Baby

"The Mountain Buggy duet: it is only 25″ wide (the same as a single stroller), so it can fit through doorways. In fact, when we first got this stroller assembled, that was the very first thing we tried out. We were pleasantly surprised that it easily maneuvered through our smallest doorway in our house. If you are looking for a narrow stroller, this is the narrowest one on the market."

Read the full review here

Written by: The Wise Baby

Prima Baby Awards 2014 SILVER

SILVER! Best Twin Buggy

Our duet was judged Best Twin Buggy in the Prima Baby Awards, 2014!

"It is incredible that an all terrain, side-by-side pushchair can be so compact. I noticed how much lighter and easier to lift it is. I could fold it and put it in the car without my usual huffing and puffing! I took it on my usual off-road jaunts across Richmond Park with dog in tow, and it coped admirably with every surface and hill. Public transport was no problem either as it takes up so little space. And I felt much less conspicuous in shops and cafes!

The fabric is durable and the overall look is stylish and in keeping with the outdoors/active theme. A new black and red colourway has just been introduced. There are some nice touches like a bottle holder and safety wrist strap that mark it out from other buggies." - Prima Baby & Pregnancy Awards

"It’s all about skinny this year and I’m not talking about jeans!  Mountain Buggy , makers of some of the most rugged and durable strollers perfect for all-terrain that you will find, has just introduced the skinniest side-by-side double stroller that is available."

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"25 inches. That is a full 4 inches more narrow than the narrowest doubles currently on the market... The Mountain Buggy duet accommodates kids from birth through 40 pounds per seat, with a fully-adjustable reclining strap located on the back. You want bassinet compatibility? You've got it - it can either hold one or two. Car seats? Yep. It's got ya covered!... I love this stroller. I love this company. That is all." - Jamie Grayson, The Baby Guy NYC

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"Super slim-line double pram. The best side by side double for use in busy urban areas, versatile enough to go off-road." - Buggy & Pram Reviews

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"I'm liking: So much! It's got that awesome Mountain Buggy manoeuvrability and is a brilliant smooth ride over rugged ground. It's narrow enough to swing around in shops (passed the 'mall' test with flying colours() and my girls liked riding together (well, the big one did, anyway- 2 months is a bit young to express an opinion on this issue)." - Rochelle Gribbble 

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consumer review

"This is the best product on the market for twins! Robust and easy to handle, but especially light! You are the best!! Mountain buggy is the best!! I am proud of my M.B. Duet!"

Written by: Lorenzo Tacchini

consumer review

"Purchased the Duet with the Carry Cots and they were amazing for our newborn twins. Highly recommended for newborns until about 3 months. After that converted back to two seat stroller and have no complaints. Easy to handle in all situations and perfect for indoors - fits through all doorways. Twins are now 8 months and still loving the stroller. Only setback is the small storage underneath when babies are in stroller. Hard to place or remove things from the bottom but that is a minor issue. I highly recommend this stroller."

NoteWe listen, we develop, we deliver. After reading Dave and other duet stroller users' feedback, we introduced additional storage bags and caddies to the  stroller accessories range  .

Written by: Dave

consumer review

"This is by far the best double stroller on the market. Before having my second one 15 months after my first baby, I really did loads of research into double carriages. I couldn't have been luckier. The best thing about this carriage is the width - or rather lack of width! It just gets through ANY doors, I have a silver cross surf as a single carriage - and find that this gets through just as well as that! The buggy pushes well, I must say its heavy with 2 kids sitting in there, and it also has excellent basket space on the bottom! The handle comes up high which I love, since I'm tall, I was worried about the seat being too narrow for my older boy who is quite chubby - however so far no worries! I hope it will be fine in the winter with his big poofer jacket. The hoods aren't the nicest but they come down very low and give full sun protection. The folding isn't tricky - however you literally gotta bend all the way over to the front - I usually leave that up to my husband! Overall, I have the carriage 7 months and I must say I am delighted with it! Definitely worth every penny!"

Written by: Blimi

consumer review

"I'm in love my Duet and with 12 week old twins it's helping keep me sane by getting us out of the house to get around town or for our daily walk with our dog. We regularly get stopped by other twin parents, grandparents and soon-to-be twin parents when my husband or I are out with the girls in it to ask where we got the stroller, and what we think. We love it!!!"

Written by: Heather

consumer review

"I think this is a great double stroller. I have a 9 month old and a 2 and half year old and this stroller works really well for us. The width is great. We live in an old elevator building and it fits easily in our elevator. It handles very well and seems durable. The one complaint is that we have gotten quite a few flat tires, but that can be fixed with the pump. Both of my kids are very comfy in this stroller and the canopies provide very good coverage. We tested a lot of doubles before I got this one and you can't beat the this width."

Note: We listen, we develop, we deliver. After reading feedback from Sara and other duet stroller users, we introduced puncture-proof and low maintenance aerotech wheels to the stroller accessory range. 

Written by: Sara

consumer review

"Overall, I am very happy with our purchase. The kids are nice and comfortable in the stroller. It is a very very smooth push. The sun canopies are great. It is a sturdy stroller. And if you want a double side by side that can get through anything, this is it (all of the other side-by-sides did not fit through our apartment door!) The only downsides to this stroller are its weight and its fold. It is a very heavy stroller, so for those of you who are in and out of the car all the time, or don't have space to leave the stroller out in you apartment/house, it is definitely an annoyance to fold and unfold this thing. It is very heavy! Other than that, we have been very pleased."

Written by: Miriam

consumer review

"I have been using the Buggy Duet for almost a year now and so far so good. I live in NYC and its great since it fits through all the doors. I also use the freerider for my third child and my kids love it. My only complaint (and why I gave it 4 stars) is the handlebar material ripped in under a year and is not covered under the warranty."

NoteThe award winning  Mountain Buggy freerider  attaches to the rear axle of the duet to function as a buggy board, and converts to a freewheeling kids scooter.

Written by: Ilanit

consumer review

"I love taking this stroller for walks, it fits my 3 year old and my 10 month old great and it was great when she was a newborn too because the seat lays flat. It fits through doors great and its smooth and easy to push. My only complaint is it's a little heavy and you have to take the back wheels off to fit it in the trunk of my small car, but I'm sure this is the case with most double strollers. Erin"

Written by: Erin

consumer review

"We have 5 month old twins and have been very happy with this stroller. The sun shade is huge, it maneuvers easily with one hand (one finger if you wish!), and I haven't found a doorway it won't fit through. Other double strollers are so huge and awkward, and this one definitely feels more comfortable while still meeting our needs. We can take it anywhere as it folds up neatly and fits easily in our Honda Odyssey. Although it's a bit heavy my wife can lift it into and out of our vehicle (with her newly acquired "mom arms"). The car seat adapters worked great, although in hindsight we may not have bothered getting them as we tended to have the babies lie down in the stroller more often. My only suggestion for improvement is to make it easier to set the brake (a larger area for your foot to set it). I've heard of many who buy muliple strollers looking for the right fit - this one is the only one we will need for a long time."

Written by: Crystal