baby being strapped in to new protect capsule using a 5 point harness

Protection, versatility and comfort for your baby

Ideal for transporting baby with minimal disturbance to their rest, protect™ is easy and convenient to transfer from car to buggy and back again. protect™ is travel system ready with receivers on board, compatible with all Mountain Buggies and other buggy brands using our range of car seat adaptors .



*Please check the travel system matrix  to check compatibility with other brands.

mother fastening baby into protect capsule harness

3 intuitive, convenient installation options

For a safe fit every time, secure the ISOfix base to anchor points in your car, or install the BASEfix base using the seatbelt, and simply click protect™ in and out with ease. Alternatively, protect™ can be installed using just the seatbelt of your car (and is just as safe when installed correctly)  offering you convenience and choice.

baby in protect capsule

Enhanced safety and comfort features

With high side protection and thick EPS foam, protect™ nestles baby safely in their car seat.
A removable cushion liner, with adjustable energy absorbing head and hip foam inserts, delivers ultimate newborn protection. For additional newborn support, protect™ includes a removable lumbar cushion.

side view of protect capsule

Friction strips on the adjustable 5 point safety harness offer enhanced performance in the event of impact.
A sunhood provides privacy and protection for baby in and out of the car, and a rocker base allows you to comfort baby for short stints outside of the car and off the buggy.

man lifting baby in protect capsule out of car

Lightweight and ergonomically designed

Lifting baby from car to buggy and beyond is easy - protect™ is ultra lightweight at just 3.5kg. An ergonomically shaped handle is designed for comfort in hand or resting on your elbow, making protect™ easy to carry and evenly balanced.

protect infant car seat

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