carrycot plus for urban jungle, terrain and +one

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stand out features:

  • soft interior fabric for newborn comfort
  • firm, ventilated base
  • newborn to 15kg / 33 lbs using parent facing seat (more stand out features below)
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Innovation at its best, carrycot plus delivers three parent facing solutions. With versatility and great colours to choose from, carrycot plus makes getting out and about with your baby a breeze. Compatible with urban jungle, terrain and plus one buggies.


more stand out features:

  • 1 base, 2 fabric sets, 3 parent facing options
    • lie flat carrycot for newborn
    • incline mode - perfect for babies suffering reflux
    • converts to a rear facing seat with the switch of a fabric set
  • carrycot feet for use off the buggy


what's in the box:

  • carrycot plus with additional winter insert for protection in colder climates
  • mattress
  • carrycot clips

Tech specs

  • carrycot holds up to 9kgs/ / 20lbs
  • parent facing seat holds up to 15kgs / 33lbs
  • mountain buggy urban jungle luxury collection carrycot plus sun mesh cover

    carrycot-plus mesh cover

  • carrycot plus storm cover

    carrycot-plus storm cover

  • 3 styles available! cosmopolitan GEO with blanket_on_stroller

    mountain buggy blanket

  • FREE changing mat! mountain buggy terrain 3 wheeler all terrain stroller graphite duffel bag

    parenting bags

    satchel/duffel (nautical style,...
  • multi functional! Juno_nautical

    juno baby carrier

    hands free, hands through connec...

Urban jungle carrycot plus


I have just purchased this carrycot for our granddaughter- very disappointed with this product. Getting the fabric onto the frame was a real mission. Yes read the instructions but the way the instructions said to put it on nearly ripped the stitching!!
The hood/canopy does not stay up - doesn’t click into place and flops back into the fold position and if you pull it forward it pings off the back of the carrycot. All it needs on the back is domes or Velcro to attach and some sort of strengthening so that it stays in place to provide shade and protection.
The carrycot cover once again does not have any clips to keep it in place and the toggles that attach it to the hood are very difficult to attach.
I had read so many good things about this buggy but am very disappointed in this product.
Overall not a good design at all. I have read some other reviews now about this product and a number of people have made similar comments. Maybe it is time for Mountain buggy to listen.

ok quality, but the assembly manual is not correct


The quality seems ok. Lots of padding and the mattress has ventilation holes. That's fine. But the assembly manual and the internet instructions are completely incorrect (both showing a different way and still both incorrect!). Come one Mountain Buggy: You can do much better than this. Please do update ASAP the manual and also the internet pdf instructions so that it is actually working. Or even better, post an instruction video. You can do it...! I wasted 2h to find the right solution: (do not assemble the skeleton first, but rather pop the liner first, and the finish the skeleton only after. Thanks to the reviewer that posted the solution here.

Funddamental Flaws


I bought this as part of a package with the Urban Jungle Nautical theme as I had been recommended Mountain Buggy as a brand, read great reviews of Urban Jungle and love the aesthetics of this colour way.

Whilst I'm really happy with the main pram, I have been super disappointed with the carrycot - as others have said in reviews - the hood is so different from that on the main pram, is flimsy and won't stay up and the cover is not easy to get on and off quickly and I can't help but feel I'll inadvertantly break a toggle or corresponding elastic loop as its such a stretch to do up!

What I find most frustrating though is that people have been reporting these issues in reviews as long as three years ago and despite Mountain Buggy responding to one of these reviews claiming "we listen" clearly aren't!

Not as good as I'd hoped


As a bassinet this has been ok. Bubs is a winter baby so it's been nice and cosy for her. (but would be too hot for summer I reckon) The cover on the bassinet only attaches by one toggle on each side so if easily falls off. I tried out the parent facing seat now that bubs is 3 months but she is too small for it. She's almost getting too big for the bassinet though...hmm.. Overall I love the actual pram itself in that it's really easy to push, stable, etc however the fabrics are very cheap, pick up fluff and the parent facing seat is VERY cheaply made and is really upright, not sure bubs will be able to sleep in it. I'm really quite disappointed as I thought MB were a more upmarket brand...

Instructions to set up


The instructions to put together the carrycot are awful. We purchased the carrycot plus for the terrain. The instructions will tell you to attach the plastic bass with the metal prongs to the metal rim first before feeding the material over. This will make it impossible for you to feed the material over as there is hardly any elasticity in the material.

After hours of scratching our heads and looking at useless outdated YouTube videos (there is a video of a lady doing it on her own which is laughable and another one of a male doing it on his own. Both clearly have super elasticated material which you won’t have) we finally found a solution. Don’t build the base like it tells you to, start off by putting the plastic base inside the material, then put the metal loop in on top and then put the metal prongs in place by going through the bottom of the carrycot through the small holes on each 4 corners and attach them to the metal rim. All you’ll have to do then is fold the material inwards, place the mattress and continue to attach the hood and coseytoes!

I’m not one to write reviews normally but I searched high and low for help and couldn’t get any, so I felt obliged to help any future parents!

The carrycot plus does seem pretty sturdy, I’m not due for another 3 weeks yet so I haven’t had chance to try it out but I’m overall happy with it’s appearance and it seems durable. I gave 4 stars for the product simply due to the stress it gave me trying to get it set up, this could easily be resolved with better instructions. Even the mountain buggy website instructions are useless.

Quick delivery! Great cot


I ordered this online and it was delivered very quickly even though I am rural.
The carrycot is great, I like the slight incline for reflux. It is easy to put on and off the pram. Im looking forward to converting it to a rear facing seat when he is a little bigger.

Disappointing. Cheap fabric


Bought a carrycot to my previous
Mb urban jungle (from 2012) when ecspecting my 3rd. Was really disappointed when receiving it. The fabric is thin and not water resistant at all. My 4 month old (7 kg) can barely lie in the carrycot anymore as it is too short! Would NOT recommend.



We bought the carry cot a few weeks ago and gave started using it a great deal in the last two weeks. Unfortunately we've been really unimpressed with it, both in set up and daily use.

1. Assembly is very difficult. Having to stretch the fabric over the frame is practically a two person job. Also, having to attach the rim of the hood to the metal frame with minimal Velcro is very difficult. Surely a better design could be incorporated?

2. Once in use, the hood doesn't stay up on its own; it continually falls down. We've jammed the rims of the main cover into the hood and sometimes this holds it up. It would be great if it could be locked in an upright and half-up position.

3. The toggles needed to attach the main cover to the good are terrible. They're difficult to operate and I'm sure in time the elastic will fray. It would be great if it could be attached using press studs to the body of the cot instead.

The actual frame however is good. We like the big wheels as they cope well with uneven terrain. We're also looking forward to using the pushchair, as it looks good. It's a shame the carry cot isn't very good.

Quality issue disappointing


I found the hood for the carrycot very flimsy. It falls down too easily and doesn't seem to sit solidly, likewise for the main body cover. Very frustrating as it wouldn't take much for the design to be more 'solid', it's almost like they were designed as an after thought. Kinda devastated as the mountain buggy brand seems to be pretty good overall, just a shame about the carrycot.

Love it, we use it every day


Love the carry cot plus for my UJ luxury! I have the black carry cot and it looks slick with the black luxury frame. The black fabric does pick up a bit of fluff, but I just brush it with a sticky roller. Also I'd prefer the mattress was a bit thicker and I can't seem to find any replacement hoods on the MB website. It would be nice to mix and match colours.
Otherwise it's fabulous, and my baby loves it too. She prefers it over the Moses basket so we are using it as our main crib with the stand, as well as with the buggy. I love how lightweight it is, it's so easy to lift even with the baby inside. a previous review said it's too difficult to lift the cot directly off the pram - it's not!! It's really easy, I do it even with the baby inside. The key is to face backwards towards the buggy handle bar as you release the clips and then lift. See the instruction video on MB website.

Great ideas poorley executed


I love the idea the carrycot can convert into parent facing seat - i converted mine at 4 months as he was still a bit small I used it flat for a while - it is not as recommended but worked fine with us.
I would just like to say that in theory everything is perfect, but the materials and execution is really low standard, feels and looks china made, I doubt production costs are higher than 20 euro... zippers and snaps exist too..
So if you want value for your money and if looks and materials are also important to you I definitely wouldn't recommend it... otherwise my baby was-still is happy in it, just I am not when checking how nicely others are manufactured.

Great product


After much research I decided to go with mountain buggy urban jungle. I'm an outdoorsy person who hits the beach and woods regularly with my dogs and needed a buggy that could cope I also went with the carry cot attachment as I felt I wanted my baby to be a comfy as possible. When the buggy arrived that was very straight forward to put together however things slowed some what with the carry cot. I'm used to putting animal cages together and furniture etc so class myself as quite handy but I was stumped for a while lol. I had to use a combination of you tube the website and the instruction manual. I couldn't quite figure out the outer cover and what way up it needed to go. Still it's all sorted now and looks fab. The whole buggy and carry cot look sturdy and a good size. I am still waiting for my opportunity to use my shining new buggy as baby is due in August so will add to my review then. But so far I'd say very good value for money.

Very useful


On the whole I am really happy with the carrycot. I have used it as both carrycot and parent facing seat and my son seems really comfortable and secure in both. It is easy to use and attaches to the frame with no problems. The only issue I have has is with the cover for the carrycot. As it fastens with toggles instead of poppers it often comes undone on one side whilst doing up the other and also pops off when in use.

Old version WAY better


I recently had to re-purchase the bassinet for my urban jungle as we moved overseas and shipping vs buying new meant there wasn't much in it. I am so disappointed I did not ship my old one. My old one came as one piece, this new one came flat packed & we had to set up, it feels so much less robust. Its smaller too. The fabric inside is bulky and not streamlined like the last one, the mattress does not lie flat and is all bunched up round the corners. The fabric is appalling, my old one was in a waterproof fabric on the exterior and the hood and body cover so in light drizzle you did not need to put on the plastic cover. And to top it all off - they have done away with the carry handles/straps to make moving from the buggy to where ever easy... now you have to lift the entire bassinet somehow with potentially the baby inside and after a caesarean its going to make it impossible without - I had no problem with the old model! I also had the parent facing seat with the last one and it was a structured piece and you could also use it as a support/seat off the buggy on the floor - I have not even looked at this one but its some flimsy material. SERIOUSLY disappointed mountain buggy - not sure what the move was behind this but looking at trying to pack it all back up and shipping back to mountain buggy and switching to alternative brand...
If I hadnt had the prior model I would have nothing to compare it to and would think it was fine - but they have seriously dropped the ball on this one....

Perfect item to bring my pre 2010 buggy up to date


Absolutely love the carrycot plus! Fits my pre 2010 buggy effortlessly and functions so well! Have always loved mountain buggy but was frustrated by the lack of rear facing seat options. Highly recommended!



I loved using this in carry cot set up and used until 6 months. In my opinion parent facing seat is a waste of time, my short 7 month old hangs over the end of it and the sun cover for the carrycot doesn't fit properly in this set up. You also have to remove to fold

Bassinet is great!


I love my urban jungle and really enjoyed using the bassinet. Unfortunately at 4 months (he fits perfectly) my little guy is getting bored of lying flat with not much to look at. I was really excited to put the forward facing option on and once we did I realized how cheaply made it was. The seat looks really incomfortable and the fabric is super thin. The straps also look flimsy. This product needs some patting to make it comfy for baby. Regardless, I still thing this was the best option for us.

Very handy


My daughter is 3 months and this is what we use to go walking and it's great. My one peice of feedback is the cover is very fiddly to put on and falls off quite easily too with only the small toggles holding it in place. Some thing to hold it at the front or sides would make this perfect.



I want to write this with a capital letters, so everyone understands (I didn't. Until now). You will use this carrycot ONLY 3 FIRST MONTHS!!! After it will be too small



Love the bassinet, however the parent facing seat is poorly designed as the fabric is too thin and the seat is too shallow. It also doesn't have a recline option.

Best purchase


I spent a great deal of time researching prams, asking friends with children and reading online forums and reviws, prior to the arrival of our first born. Since our sons birth we have used the mountain buggy everyday. I purchased the carry cot which he sleeps in at the moment. The rubber tyres means it is quiet when I wheel him out for an early morning feed, it is a perfect height which was a blessing for the first few days at home. Even the grandparents love it. It is lightweight making it easy to manoeuvre with enough storage for our needs. The options of different size wheels is great. The only thing to consider is the weight - lifting it in and out of the car. I was told not to lift anything heavier than our baby for 4-6 weeks and the pram is quite heavy. Also, I would suggest making sure it fits in your car before purchasing as it is quite bulky. Luckily we have a SUV with heaps of space.

Fantastic Features


So happy I decided to attach the carrycot and love the nautical print. It looks great, easy to put together and baby fac s you. I also purchased the clip 32 set so we can attach the capsule.

Love it


I think it's great that it can convert into a parent facing seat! The only thing I would recommend is making the bassinet a little bigger my four month old has nearly outgrown it! The only thing I'm slightly disappointed in is the parent facing seat doesn't have an option to recline making naps more comfortable. But overall a great product.

Stylish, Comfy, But Canvas Fabric Fades!


Bought this stylish Carry Cot to update my older Urban Jungle pram - Love Love the Nautical Stripe Design, and have had plenty of compliments. Whilst in carry cot mode, plenty of room (Wide) and long, my daughter found drifting off easy while out and about so it must have been comfortable! And the fact you get the use of the parent facing seat after the carry cot is great value. The only thing I find very disappointing is that the Navy Canvas Fades (Discoloured and washed out appearance) My Daughter was born at the End of June (Winter) Pram was/is stored inside, not left outside, and the cover had faded within 4-5 months. : ( Not usual MB Quality, and have to say very surprised this wasn't picked up during their trials.

Great for newborns


I really loved using the carry cot for my Terrain for the first few months. It made getting out of the house so much more attractive due to its ease of use. My baby slept so well in it. The only disappointment was that once my baby was too big and ready to look out and see the world, she was still too young (4 months) to use the carry cot converted to the rear facing seat - a feature I was looking forward to and what helped justify the purchase.

Brill but could be bigger!


My baby (now 5 months) absolutely loved this carrycot he enjoyed looking at the stripes on the inside of the hood (nautical) and was very comfortable, he slept loads in his pram. The only problem i have had with this carrycot is the size my little one was out of it within 3 months but as it also converts to a parent facing seat it wasnt a waste of money.The only recommendation is that I would of liked the parent facing seat to recline to make napping more comfortable.

parent facing option awful


I brought this in black. Was initially happy with it however, it soon became apparent that black was a bad option. The canvas is cheap and everything sticks to it, including fluff off my baby's blanket. This results in it always looking dirty- especially the hood. My daughter outgrew the cot at 3 months of age , and had to go into the parent facing seat which was disappointing as it states not to put a baby in before 6 months of age. This option is also made of thin cheap material , which doesn't look like it would keep any cold out and is also very shallow. It can not recline, which means it is uncomfortable and not practical for a nap. My baby is now nearly 5 months old, and appears to be outgrowing this option too. Poor sizing, poor quality materials and badly designed. I wish I had never purchased a mountain buggy and would never recommend this brand to anyone I know.

Carrycot ok, parent facing seat useless


Whilst I didn't use the bassinet feature that much (mostly used the capsule) it's a perfectly good basinett, just didn't really fit in my car. But recently changed to parent facing seat & it's almost worse than useless. Fiddly to get on & off and so shallow bub almost slides off & looks very uncomfortable. The smallest strap setting is super high (almost above his head, and waist strap almost under arms). Bub won't sleep in it & just cries...

Sturdy and comfy


We bought this carrycot as part of the new Urban Jungle bundle since we feel it is important for our newborn to be able to lie flat on walks instead of being confined in a carseat for hours at a time.
Also the parent-facing option for when he is a bit older played a big part in our decision making. It is great to have 1 item that can do both so you do not need as much storage for the parts you cannot use yet/anymore for you child.

It was easy to assemble (clear instructions), the fabrics feel very high quality and easy to clean, the frame feel sturdy and safe. Plus it seems to be truly comfortable for baby.

I do unfortunately find it quite hard to disconnect the carrycot from the frame and had hoped to be able to just take off the carrycot downstairs when coming home after a walk and carry it up with a sleeping baby in it (not safe to do so now because of the wiggling needed to detach). Hopefully this will get easier and safer to do after having been used more.

Thank you Mountain Buggy for offering this product at a decent price!

Carry cot review plus a feature suggestion


I'm so glad I got the carry cot it has been most useful not only for when I want to take my baby out and about but also as a second mobile bed around the house. Well worth the $180.
May I make a suggestion...? We have a supermarket within walking distance from out house and I decided to take the baby in the carry cot down there to do a moderate shop. Now I was aware that the heaviest items could go in the 'tray' at the bottom of the pram, but I was going to have to carry two or three more bags... So, I needed a hook to hang over the pram Handel. We have a pot and pan rack that hangs above the range hood and the are iron hooks that we hand the pans on. I grabbed two of them and used the to hang the bags off. I now keep two of the hooks on the pram in case I need to hang shopping bags or hand bags, maybe this is an idea you could use? Or not? I find them really useful!
Kind regards,

breathable fabric is great


love the breathable fabric this certainly gives pice of mind when baby sleeping in carrycot. however it is quite small my baby is only 3 months old and barely fits definitely can't stretch in it. also the cover on top is very fiddly and not at all practical takes me a long time to get it all covered and in place when i really want to get out the door.

Great feature to the urban jungle stroller


I bought the urban jungle stroller bundle including the carrycot. It was easy to assemble and is sturdy and great quality. It snaps in and out of he mounted clips effortlessly.


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