Cool People out and about with their Mountain Buggy

cool people out and about with their mountain buggy

Tiger Woods and Elin's kids on a wee trek in the Duo - Read more here


Whether its autumn in Tennessee or spring in Australia, Nicole, Keith and little Sunday Rose are out with their mountain buggy in all terrains!


Our Golden Girl Sarah is the proud mum of Lily and owner of a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle:

"The urban jungle is just PERFECT!! It’s already been used in earnest and the wee newborn bassinet is now officially Lily’s new road-trip bed (which will actually be used more these days than her bassinet at home!) ....... EVERYone that has used the buggy .... comments on how awesome it is to use! It’s incredible – it makes you want to go for a stroll it’s that user-friendly!"

Sarah Ulmer, Olympic Gold Medallist and Mum
(thanks to New Zealand Womans Weekly for the image)


Russell Crowe picking up some candy for Mother’s Day with son Charlie cruising in his mountain buggy. Read Actual Article


Hasselbeck family pushing the Duo in NYC
View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and her husband, Arizona Cardinals’ Tim Hasselbeck, enjoying their outing with children Grace Elisabeth, 2 ½, and Taylor Thomas, 9 weeks. Read Actual Article
(thanks to celebrity baby blog)