First Day of School!

Big changes in our household as Teah and Skye are both attending the same school this year! That cuts my walking down by 2.5 miles a day! As Skye is still only 4 years old, walking 30 minutes to school on a regular basis seems a bit much right off the bat, I am slowly working her up to the jaunt. Thankfully we have our reliable Mountain Buggy, a.k.a her chariot to take her and her big sister the distance.

The girls weigh a total of 75lbs and the buggy has been outstanding under the stress of their increasing weight gain as they have aged. Just to recap, we have been using the Mountain Buggy duo since the girls were infants. We just can’t seem to let it go as it has proven to be a wonderful form of transportation for us,  especially as I walk everywhere. It is our means to get to school,  great place to put our shopping on the way home, has plenty of storage for our books and backpacks, extra sweaters, beach towels, and the best part is.... it enables us to be GREEN!  So don’t ever give up on your Mountain Buggy all you MB Mommies out there, no matter how old your children are, as it will always come in handy. It is still the most treasured item in our household.

I am pleased to report that the first day of school was met with excitement and very little anxiety by both girls. Skye has the same kindergarten teacher Teah had last year, so that familiarity was a big plus. Ms Bradley is a wonderful teacher so I know Skye is in good hands. Teah is  just so thankful she doesn’t have a male teacher and is delighted to have Ms Batchelder  as her 1st grade teacher, a fashion diva, like herself. Teah seems to enjoy being taught by teachers who are fashionable, beautiful and have a strict discipline policy in the classroom. Ms Batchelder has all three so they are a perfect match!



What to do now that my children are both in school full time? Volunteer at school and be with them full time of course!!! I still do not know what free time and an empty nest (from 8:30-2:30) feels like, as I have been helping out in Skye’s kindergarten class all day, everyday, since the first day of school. Of course I love it, and I am sure it has helped me get over my separation anxiety ;) This week however, I will finally be able to make myself a cup of jasmine green tea, actually sit down and drink it while it’s hot and enjoy the serenity of my quiet home... while working on my walking campaign.

My “Stop Talking, Start Walking” campaign is still going strong and I have been working closely with the city and police department through the summer to make walking to school a regular occurrence in all schools in the South Bay. We are implementing a Walking School Bus. There will be parent volunteers positioned at different street corners on our route to school, ready to walk students to school. Parents can drop their children off with these volunteers or walk along with them. We will have 2 volunteers for up to 8 children, and the program will occur EVERYDAY!!!!  I am very excited about students walking on a daily basis. I imagine getting parents to volunteer their time is going to be the biggest hurdle. I am asking for a ‘one day a week’ commitment from each volunteer for a 3-month period. All volunteers will fill out an application and have a police check. They will have to take a 3-hour course outlining safety and their responsibilities. All very official!

This program is scheduled to launch in November, look out for updates along the way. In the meantime my “Stop Talking, Start Walking” program will kick off this Wednesday to get students ready for the WSB. If you have a Walking School Bus program at your school, I would love to hear all about it!!

Enjoy the school year and stay Green!

Green tip * When sending kids off to school with packed lunches, mentally note a ‘no trash’ policy. Do not send them to school with anything they have to throw out.

  • Make sure they carry their lunch in a reusable washable bag
  • Package their food in reusable containers
  • Use reusable stainless steel water bottle
  • Use a cloth napkin instead of paper towel
  • Purchase their very own set of stainless steel utensils
  • Remember to buy in bulk instead of  buying individually wrapped food items

Thank you for extending life on the planet!!