The worst thing ever happened!

I took my beloved little car in for regular maintenance and left my second vehicle - my Mountain Buggy urban double - in the garage temporarily, just until my car was back from the shop. Usually my stroller is neatly tucked away in my trunk so it’s ready for our family’s next adventure, but for one night it was left exposed...

I may have actually cried when I found the state of the double the following morning. It must have been a rat, (not surprising as I’m sure the odd fishy cracker or yummy star meets the garage floor from time to time) but the entire seat on Alexander’s side of the stroller had been chewed through completely! Luckily, Arrian’s side was untouched.

I took the seat hammocks off and promptly threw the lot in the wash. I was able to get through to a Mountain Buggy customer service agent and was quickly assured that a replacement hammock would fit my 2007 stroller. It took me a couple of days to decide what to do.

I took the shredded seat into a luggage repair shop to see what might be done in a pinch.  What I found out was that because the seats are so well made and the stitching so intricate, it was going to be a finicky job and take some time. I had a choice of whether I wanted to have my stroller back in use within a couple of days OR wait for a replacement hammock to ship by post. What’s more, was the price going to be about the same (shipping included!).

I had reservations about both options... if I had it repaired, it might look repaired and that also a rat had chewed on it (and that didn’t seem like something I wanted Alex in contact with). But I was also concerned that the replacement hammock might not actually fit my older stroller, and that shipping to Canada might take a while. I decided to tough out the wait and order the new part which, ended up being about $10 cheaper than the repair after all!

We got by (just barely) without using our stroller, while we waited for the new seat, thanks in part to the relentless Spring rain. Just a short week later Fed Ex arrived with the parcel, with perfect timing just minutes into the boys’ nap time. I was able to put the new hammock onto the stroller and surprise the boys when they woke up with a trip to the beach!

It turned out to be the first sunny day we’d had since the aforementioned night critter. I’m so grateful for replacement parts and speedy delivery!

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